Thursday, September 9, 2010

Save on Quality Pet Food

We always try to feed our pets the highest quality food that we can find (sometimes I think the pets probably eat better than we do!), but that can also be really expensive. Here are some links to savings on some high quality pet foods:

You can go HERE to sign up for a high value coupon for Natura dog or cat food to be mailed to you (local readers: when I signed up for this several weeks ago, I put in De Buhr's as my retailer and then when I went to use the coupon I found out that they no longer sell this brand, so I couldn't use my coupon- you may want to call the listed retailers first if you plan on using this coupon)

Sign up HERE for a $5 coupon off any Blue Buffalo dog food coupon by mail or HERE for a $3 coupon off any Blue Buffalo cat food

You can go HERE for lots of different coupons for Science Diet Foods

You can go HERE and sign up for Halo pet food emails and they are supposed to email you a coupon for a free trial sized bag.

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