Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thrift Store Deals

I am so excited about a couple thrift store deals that I got today.  Today was my local thrift store's half price day.  They usually have everything half price every other weekend.  Here lately, my son and I have been going to the thrift store every other weekend.  It has really been fun for both of us- I get to look around and he gets to play with the toys.  I love it that I don't have to constantly be saying:  "no, put that down" or "no you can't touch that".  It is a nice way for us to pass some time while my husband is at work.  My local thrift store is totally hit or miss.  Half the time they have dirty old clothing that is totally overpriced, then the next thing up look at is an awesome deal. 

My first find was this like-new condition Columbia coat that I scored for myself for $7!
 Next I found these roller blades for myself for only $2!  Last time I put on my roller-blades, they totally broke to pieces, so I had pretty much decided I was going to go to Walmart and get a cheap pair for about $50, then I came across these for $2!  I know they aren't a name brand or anything, but they will definitely work for me!

Quiznos Coupon $5 Toasty Torpedo Combo

If you go HERE, you can print off a Quiznos coupon for a $5 Toasty Torpedo Combo meal.

IGA Matchups 10-3 through 10-9

We are seeing a pretty good week for IGA this time around, the In-Ad General Mills store coupon makes for some great deals.  There are also a few great deals on P&G products. 


Grapes red and green grapes .99/lb.

Cabbage .49/lb.

Kiwi 3/.99

Del Monte fruit naturals 10/$10
Use $1/3 from 8-15 R.P.
Final Price:  .77 each


85% Lean ground chuck $1.99/lb.

Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks or Meat Weiners 16 oz. $1.69
Use $1/1 from HERE (if the selects are included)
Final Price:  as low as .69 each

Pork Loin Rib Chops:  $2.09/lb.

Assorted Pork Chops $1.79/lb.

Pork Loin, Loin chops $2.19/lb.

Tennesse Pride links or roll sausage:  $2.99 each
Use $1/1 from 10-3 R.P.
Final Price:  $1.99 each 


Tropicana Orange Juice: 2/$5
Use $1/2 Trop 50 from 9-26 R.P.
Final Price:  $2 each

Store Brand Butter: 1 lb. $2.89

Marie Callender's Signature Bakes $3.99
Use $1.50/1 Printable Coupon
Final Price:  $2.49 each

Yoplait Yogurt 6 oz. 10/$5
Use .40/6 Printable coupon
Final Price:  .43 each

Healthy Life white or 100% whole wheat bread 16 oz. loaf $1.59

Store Brand sugar 4 lb. $1.99

Progresso Bread Crumbs 2/$3
Use .50/1 Printable Coupon
Final Price:  $1 each

Slim Fast Optima Drinks 6 pack $5.99
Use $1.50/1 Printable Coupon
Final Price:  $4.49


Puffs Tissues .99
Use .25/3 from 9-26 P&G
Final Price:  $2.72 for 3

Ultra Downy Fabric Softener 34-40 oz. 2/$9
Use $1/1 Downy from 9-26 P&G
Final Price:  $3.50 each

Tide Stain Release $4.99
Use $3/1 from 9-26 P&G
Final Price:  $1.99 each (great price!)

Febreze Air Effects 2/$5
Use $1/1 from 9-26 P&G
Final Price $1.50 each

Tide 50-87 oz. $5.99
Use $1/1 from 9-26 P&G
Final Price:  $4.99 each

Charmin Bath tissue $6.49
Use .25/1 from 9-26 P&G
Final Price:  $6.24

Bounce Dryer sheets 70-80 ct. $3.99
Use .50/1 from 9-26 P&G
Final Price:  $3.49

In-Ad store Coupon:  Save $3 when you buy any 6 participating General Mills products in a single shopping trip between 10-03 and 10-12  all of the following are included (final price represents -.50 each when you buy 6 mix or match items Oh, yah-it says Yoplait whips yogurt are included-all that I know of are whips in the single 4 oz. cartons, if these are included it could make for a great deal with the printable coupons available):

Green Giant Boil in bag veggies 4/$5
Use .50/1 Printable coupon (lower right side of page)
Final Price:  .25 each after in-ad coupon (it says green giant vegetables in cooking pouches-so I think this should definitely be included).

Yoplait Froxen smoothies 2/$5
use $1/1 Printable Coupon
Final Price:  $1 each after in-ad coupon

Betty Crocker Brownies .99 each
Use .75/2 Printable Coupon (if Supreme brownies are included)
Final Price: as low as .12 each after in-ad coupon

Nature Valley Granola Bars or Thins 2/$5
Use .50/1 Printable coupons or Use .75/1 Printable coupon or .75/1 or .75/2 coupons from 10-3 GM insert
Final Price:  As low as $1.25 each with in-ad coupon

Yoplait Yoplus, Delights or Fiber one yogurt 4 packs 2/$4
Use .50/1 Printable coupons
Final Price:  $1 each after in-ad coupon

Macaroni Grill or Wanchai Ferry Dinner kits $4.99
Use .75/1 Printable coupons or $1.50/1 Printable coupon (if the frozen ones are included)
Final Price:  $2.99-3.74 after In-ad coupon

Pillsbury toaster strudels $1.89
Use .50/2 From 10-3 GM
Final Price:  $1.14 each after in-ad coupon

Pillsbury Danish, Cinnamon, or Crescent Rolls $1.69
Use .50/1 Printable coupons( if Simply are included)
Use .40/2 or .50/2 Printable Coupons
Final Price:  .94-.99 each after in-ad coupon

Coupons for other items included with in-ad coupon but no prices are listed in the ad. (some of these may make for some great deals with the in-ad coupon)
Chex mix, Gardettos, Bugles .50/1 Printable Coupons
Cinnamon Toast Crunch save $.65/1 printable coupon
Pillsbury Sweet moments $1/1 Printable Coupon, or $1.50/1 Printable coupon

Hot Walgreens Deals 10-3 through 10-9

If you are new to shopping at Walgreens, you may want to start out here.

Gold Medal 5 lb. Flour $1.50

Nivea Lip Care $1 each
Use $2/2 Printable coupon or $1/1 or $2/2 from 10-3 R.P.
Final Price:  free

Schick Hydro 3 or 5 Razor $7.99 and get $4 R.R.
Use $4/1 from 10/03 S.S.
Final Price:  free

Crest 6.4 oz. Toothpaste or Oral-B indicator toothbrush $1.99 get back $1 R.R.
Use $1/1 from 9-26 P&G 
Final Price:  free

EOS Lip balm $3 get back $3 R.R.
Final Price:  free

Vicks Nyquil or Dayquil  2/$10 get back $5 R.R.
Use $1/1 from 9-26 P&G
Final Price:  $1.50 each when you buy 2

CVS Deals 10-03 through 10-09

If you are new to shopping at CVS you may want to start HERE

Campbell's Chicken noodle or tomato soup 2/$1

Xtra Laundry Detergent:  $1.99

Mars and Nestle Bars B2 G1 free
Use B1G1 from 9-26 R.P.
Final Price:  Varies

Spend $25 on the following P&G products and get $10 Extra Bucks:
  • Duracell $6
  • Puffs $1  Use .25/3 from 9-26 P&G
  • Charmin $10  Use .25/1 from 9-26 P&G
  • Bounty $13  Use .25/1 from 9-26 P&G
Post Cereal B1G1 free

Dove, Degree, Caress or Lever products spend $20 get $5 ECB

Celebrity Fragrances spend $15 get $10 ECB

Revlon Nail Polish $3.99 get back $3.00 ECB (limit 6)
Use $1/1 from 9-12 S.S.
Final Price:  free

Crest and Oral-B multipacks get $2 ECB
Use $1/1 Crest from 9-26 P&G
Final Price:  Varies

Playtex Gentleglide $6.99 get $2 ECB
Use $2/1 from HERE
Final Price:  $2.99

Re-Nu Sensitive $7.99 get back $7.99 ECB
Final Price:  free

Bengay Products $5.99  get back $2 ECB
Use $3/1 Printable Coupon
Final Price:  .99

Wisk Laundry Detergent $4.99
Use $1/1 Printable Coupon
Final Price:  $3.99

Aleve $7.99
Use $2/1 Printable Coupon
Final Price:  $5.99

Skippy Peanut butter 3/$5
Use .75/2 from 10-3 R.P.
Final Price:  $1.30 each

Schick Hydro 3 or 5 Razor $8.97 get $5 ECB
Use $4/1 from 10-3 S.S.
Final Price:  Free

Similac Printable Coupon

I got a printable coupon in my email today for $3.00 off any Similac Formula.  This might make for a good deal on the ready to feed formula.  They also said in the email that they have currently lowered the shelf price on the ready to feed to where it costs about the same as powdered because of the inconvenience of the recall.  All the recalled formula should be off the shelves and there should be new stock on the shelves.

Time To Request More Samples From P&G Brand Sampler!

P&G Brand Sampler has a number of new freebies and coupons that you can request right now!  Go HERE to sign up or sign in.

Thanks Couponing to Disney!

How To Sign Up For Freebies Quickly?

I somehow have something installed on my computer that remembers all my info. when I sign up for all these free samples to where it only takes me literately about 10 seconds for each one because all I have to do it put in the first character for each field and it brings up my name address ect...  I don't know if anyone who reads this can help any other readers out there with how you can easily put this on your own computer to make signing up for samples really fast?  I do not know how it is on my computer, but I know it makes my life so much easier!  If you know anything about this please share!

Another Free Sample Of Wisk

I think I'm going to have enough detergent to last me for a few weeks just from all these Wisk samples available here lately (hey don't mean to sound like I'm complaining or anything, trust me I'm not!).  If you would like to request another free sample of the new Wisk, you can go HERE to sign up for one from Costco.  You do not have to be a Costco member to sign up for this.

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

New Pampers Gifts to Grow Code For 50 Points!

There is a new Pampers Gifts to Grow code available worth 50 points: JOINNOW4REWARDS 

If you do not have a Pampers Gifts to Grow account, you can go here to sign up.

New Printable Coupons

If you go HERE, you can print off two coupons for Marie Callender's products:  save $1.50/1 Bakes meal and save $1/1 Fresh Flavors Steamers coupon.

If you go HERE to (use zip:  22222) you will find:

  • $1/1 coupon for a 12 double roll pack or larger of Angel Soft bath tissue as well as:
  • $1/2 Sargento reduced Sodium sliced cheese
  • $1/2 Sargento reduced Sodium snack cheese
  • $1/1 any Kahiki product
  • $5/1 Arm and Hammer diaper pail
  • .50/1 Old orchard 64 oz. juice (remember County Market has the juice for .99 in the current coupon booklet- use with this and it's only .49!)
  • .75/1 Crisco no-stick cooking spray
  • .50/1 Crisco shortening (I hope they have changed these to be trans fat free)
  • $1/1 Lactaid cottage cheese
  • .50/1 Fleischmann's pizza crust yeast strip
  • $1/1 box of Mrs. T's Pierogies
  • .55/1 Burleson's Pure Honey
  • $1/4 cans of Hanover beans
Use zip 90001 to find:
  • .55/1 Ronzoni pasta
  • .75/1 Dannon 32 oz. yogurt
  • $1/1 Great day naturals omega-3 eggs
  • $1/1 Filippo Berio Olive Oil
  • $2/1 Kendall AMD anti-microbial wound care product
  • $1/1 Jamba Juice frozen smoothie-in the grocery frozen section
  • $1/1 6 pack of Hansen's blue sky free soda
  • .50/1 Yoplait kids yogurt cups (should make for a good deal if you have doubles)
Try zip:  30003 to find:
  • $1/2 Elmer's craft-bond glue
  • $1/1 Land O Lakes seasonings
  • $1/1 Glad Odor Shield trash bags (only redeemable at publix)
Try zip:  77458 to find:
  • $1/2 any Libby's fruit products (excluding the tropical fruit)
 Try zip:  97380 to find:
  • .55/1 Mentos gum product
Go Here to print off a number of coupons including:
  • $1/1 Lysol Nutra Air spray
  • $2/2 Rid-X spetic system treatment products
  • .75/1 D-con product (this time of year the mice start trying to make a home in my walls and unfortunately my cat has no clue how to catch a mouse :)
  • $2/1 Air Wick Candle
  • $3/1 Finish Quantum dispenser
  • $1/1 Finish Quantum dishwasher detergent
Thanks Coupon Hound for some of the zips!

Meijer One Day Sale: Today

Today 10-2, Meijer has a one day only sale:

  • 9 lives wet cat food multipack 4/5.5 oz. cans .99 Use $1/3 coupon from 8-29 R.P.  Final Price:  .66 per multipack
  • Sara Lee Whole Grain White Bread 20 oz. .99 each
  • Kellogg's Poptarts 8 ct.  2/$3  Use $1/3 coupon from 8-29 S.S. or $1/3 Printable coupon  Final Price:  $1.17 each
  • Center Cut Half Boneless Pork loin  $1.39/lb.
  • Nabisco Ritz Crackers of Chips Ahoy! cookies 9.5-16 oz.  $1.99  Use $1/2 coupon from 9-26 S.S.  Final Price:  $1.49 each.
  • Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke zero, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, or Mountain dew 6 pack 24 oz. bottles 4/$11
  • Jack O lantern pumpkins $3 each
  • Pampers Diapers $7.99 each Use $1/1 from 9-26 P&G insert  Final Price:  $6.99 each

It's A Blog Hop!

Today I'm participating in a blog hop.  If would like to check out some of the other awesome blogs participating you can go here.  Some posts that I recently did that you may find of interest:
If you follow me, leave a comment here and I will follow you back!

Bath and Body: Free Room Spray with Purchase

Right now if you go here, you can print off a coupon for a free room spray or home fragrance oil ($8.50 value) with a $10 purchase at Bath and Body Works.  This is valid until 10/12/10.  Don't forget about the free 2 oz. lotion that you can also get right now too.  You should be able to redeem both coupons at the same time.

New Yoplait Coupon

I just got an email with a link to get a coupon for .50/4 Yoplait Yogurt cups.  Now, please bear with me, I have't figured out yet how to properly share this, except to put the link that I have.  I am not sure if it is a link only for my email, or if it will work for you.  I got this one from General Mills Pssst.  If you have an account, you may check it for this coupon as well.

If you can get this coupon, it makes yogurt pretty inexpensive at Kroger right now.  This coupon would double to $1 off on 4.  It would make the yogurt cups only .25 each, even before the .40/6 e-coupon that is available.  Your best deal would be if you print off two (I could only pint one, but you may be able to print two if you have more than one computer)of the .50/4 coupons and use the .40/6 e-coupon for a final price of only .20 each!

Right now My Store has the Yoplait yogurt cups on sale for .40 each, using the .50/4 coupon would make them .27 each.

*I'm really sorry if this link doesn't work for you, please let me know if there is a problem.  You might want to try it in Firefox.
**If you do want this coupon and it won't print, send me your email, I can email it to you through pssst.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Current Restaurant Coupons

Red Lobster:  Click here to get $4 off two dinner entrees of $3 off two lunch entrees.  This coupon expires 11/15/2010.

Smokey Bones:  Click here to get a coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase.  This coupon expires on 10/09/10.

Longhorn Steakhouse:  Click here to get $4 off two adult entrees or $2 off one entree.  This coupon expires 10/17/10.

Chili's:  Join the email club and get a coupon for free chips and queso.  Go here to sign up.

New Pampers Gifts to Grow Code

There is a new Pampers Gifts to Grow code available worth 5 points:  FacebookOct2010

If you do not have a Pampers Gifts to Grow account, you can go here to sign up.

Find a huge list of more active Gifts to Grow codes HERE (should net you about 300 points)

Thanks Couponing to Disney!

Aveda Freebie Available Right Now

If you go HERE, you can print off a coupon to get a free 3-piece sample pack of Smooth Infusion.  Includes Shampoo, Conditioner, and Style-Prep smoother.  Just print off you coupon and take it into your local Aveda store or you can redeem this by shopping online with a $30 purchase by entering code:  SMOOTH at checkout.  If you go into an Aveda store, it does not look like any purchase is required.

Aveda Birthday Club

If you go HERE and sign up to join the Aveda birthday club, you will get a free gift on your birthday valued at up to $24!

New Printable Coupon

I just found a new $1/3 Ro-Tel Tomatoes coupon HERE.  Right now these are on sale at County Market for .90 per can.  After this coupon, they are only .57 each!   These are also on sale at Kroger for $1 per can or only .77 each after coupon.  If you re-click on the link, you should be able to print two copies per computer.

A *Giveaway*

Today I am having the first of hopefully many more giveaways on this blog!  I am going to give 3 readers each an envelope filled with different coupons.  They will contain all different kinds of coupons including some for natural and organic products- my favorite type of coupons!  To be entered in this giveaway all that you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post.  I will pick three winners on Monday, Oct. 4th at 5:00 pm using 

*Make sure you leave your email address with your comment, so that I can contact you to send you your coupons.  You can leave it in this format:  livinghealthyonabudget (at) yahoo (dot) com or you can just leave spaces, to avoid spammers.

Free Lotion From Bath and Body

If you go HERE and "like" Bath and Body on Facebook, you can print off a coupon so that you can get a free 2 oz. Secret Wonderland Lotion.  This offer is valid from Oct 1st through 3rd.  This is totally free and no purchase is necessary.  Bath and Body offers Freebies like this quite often.  These might be nice to make into a little Christmas gift basket for a teacher or as stocking stuffers for girls for Christmas.

Kroger- Cheap Cake Mix

Right now, Kroger has Betty Crocker Cake mixes for only $1.  There is a new coupon available HERE for .50/1 Betty Crocker Decadent Supreme Cake Mix.  I am not sure if this is included in the sale or not, but if it is it would make them free after doubles.  There is another new coupon as well for .50 off when you buy Betty Crocker Cake mix (any type) and frosting.  There is also another e-coupon HERE for the same thing.  The regular coupon would double to $1 off (the e-coupon won't double) making for a good deal if you buy both the cake mix and frosting.

More New Printable Coupons

Pillsbury has lots of new printable coupons available HERE, including:
  • .75/1 Cascadian Farms Product
  • .75/1 frosted, apple cinnamon, banana, or Fruity Cheerios
  • .75/1 Muir Glen Product 
Go Here to find a $2.50/1 Printable coupon for any Huggies Wipes 320 ct. or higher.

There is also a $5/1 coupon available HERE for any Evenflo Car seat and $2/1 any Aleve 80 ct. or larger.

    Free Sample

    If you go HERE, and fill out your info, you can get a free sample of Shout Color catcher.  I signed up for this a couple weeks ago, but I think it is available again, it let me sign up again.

    How To Get The Most Out Of SwagBucks

    If you have been here for long, you know that I love Swag Bucks.  I have earned almost $180 in gift cards since I joined Swag Bucks last year.  I really love this program because I don't have to do anything extra in my day in order to earn Swag Bucks every day.  I have the toolbar installed on my computer, so before I go to any other site on the internet, I click on the Swag Bucks button on my toolbar and then I type in the name of the site on Swag Bucks.  Most of the time you can count on winning Swag Bucks for searching 3 times in a day.  Usually, once in the morning, once around noon/afternoon, and once in the evening.  A lot of times, I search through Swag Bucks during that time of day, then after I win, I just type the next site I am going to, into my browser.  I don't bother with searching more through Swag Bucks at the same time of day if I already won because normally the chances are low that I'll win again.  Sometimes this is not the case though, like last week when I won 18 Swag Bucks 5 times in a row!

    There are lots of other ways to earn Swag Bucks as well.  If you have the toolbar installed on your computer, every day you open up your browser with the toolbar, it will come up saying that you won 1 Swag Buck for having it installed.  The toolbar is also great because Swag Bucks periodically releases codes on it at the mail/envelope button.

    You can also earn 2 more free Swag Bucks every day by going to the home page, clicking on the Ways to Earn drop down menu and clicking on the trusted surveys link and the daily poll link.  You get one point for clicking on an answer for the daily poll, and one point just for opening up the trusted surveys.  You have to be with Swag Bucks for about a week or so before you can start doing surveys.

    If you want to try to earn more Swag Bucks you can try to participate in the trusted surveys.  You can earn points just by completing your profile questions.

    Swag Bucks also has No Obligation Special offers. To find these you click on NOSO on the Ways to earn drop down menu on the Swag Bucks home page.  All you have to do it click through the offers.  If there is something that you are interested in that's great, but you can just click no, or Skip at the bottom of each page if you want.  After 5-6 ads, you will earn 1 Swag Buck.  I do not usually do this though because it takes too long for me for just 1 Swag Buck.

    Swag Bucks also has "Special Offers" that you can do.  There are lots of ways to earn Swag Bucks through these.  Some things are really easy to do, like watch a short commercial.  And some are more complicated like getting an insurance quote.  One time I did one of the insurance quotes and I wasn't thinking properly.  A valid phone number was required to get the Swag Bucks, so I put our number in not thinking at the time that my husband had our phone with him at work.  Well, thankfully he wasn't mad at me or anything, but he did get a couple of phone calls at work that day.  Let's just say, I don't mess around with those special offers anymore.  You can also shop through Swag Bucks to earn or Trade in things such as old phones.

    Even if you don't do any of the extra things to earn Swag Bucks, besides searching, earning from the toolbar, the daily polls, and clicking on the trusted surveys daily, you can very easily earn about 900 Swag Bucks per month.  900 Swag Bucks will get you $10 in Amazon gift cards every month.  You can redeem your Swag Bucks for a variety of different prizes, including gift cards of course, or even a $5 Paypal payment.

    It is definitely not too late to join Swag Bucks so that you can earn a portion of your Christmas fund in gift cards!  If you would like to join Swag Bucks and start earning gift cards for Christmas, you can go HERE, and they will start you out with 30 Swag Bucks just for signing up!

    Shopping Trip 9-30 at CVS

    I wrote this last night but I couldn't get my picture to load correctly, it keep going sideways, so I took another picture today.
    Today I went by my local CVS and they finally had the Oral-B re-chargeable toothbrushes in stock.  I ended up getting two, but we had to open the other one and check it out.  We have never owned a powered toothbrush before.  It is too bad the refills have to be so pricey!  Oh, yah, one warning if you have never had a toothbrush like this either-  don't turn it on if it has toothpaste on it until after you put it in your mouth.  LOL.  Anyway, Here's how this deal worked:

    I bought 1 Oral-B re-chargeable on sale for $23
    I used a $10/1 coupon from the 9-26 P&G insert
    My Subtotal after coupon was:  $13 and I paid with a $2.99 ECB, and a $9.99 ECB that I had.  Pretty much all I had to pay was tax, and I got back $13 in ECBs.

    Next I purchased my second on and I used another $10/1 coupon and I paid with the $13 in ECBs that I got from the first one.  All I had to pay was tax again, and I got back another $13 ECB.

    Baking Soda: The Awesome Natural Cleaner

    Baking Soda is one of my favorite all-purpose cleaners and deodorizers.  I love it because it is safe, natural, inexpensive, and it does not have an artificial chemical smell like a lot of commercial cleaners do.  Here are some of my favorite cleaning uses for baking soda:
    Absorbing Odors:
    • I always have to have a box of baking soda on hand to sprinkle in my cat's litter box between cleanings.  You can mix some up along with a few drops of essential oil to make it smell even better.  I also sprinkle some in our cat's litter box after the litter has been changed and the artificial scents fly up into the air from dumping new litter in.
    • Store some in a decorative box in your bathroom, to help and keep it smelling fresh.  After a couple months when it isn't absorbing odors anymore, sprinkle it into your toilet before you scrub it.  Or use it as a mildly abrasive cleaner on your counter tops or tub/shower.
    • Sprinkle it in the bottom of your garbage can under the bag, that way if something spills, it will help to absorb the yucky mess and keep the odors down.
    • Baking soda can also be a great carpet freshener.  Mix some up with a few drops of essential oil and lightly sprinkle it over your carpet, let it sit for awhile, then vacuum it up thoroughly.  
    • Put some in a little box inside your fridge to help absorb odors.  Then after a couple months, you can mix it will a little water to make a paste and clean your fridge out with it or the top of your oven.
    • If you have a really yucky food dish that has been sitting around, first dump it out and sprinkle some baking soda in it.  It helps take away the smell and it also begins to loosen up stuck on food it you moisten it a bit.
    • Sprinkle some baking soda in a smelly cooler or lunch box to help absorb the odors.  Then moisten with water, scrub out and rinse clean.
    • You can also sprinkle a little in smelly shoes to help absorb odors.
    • Like I already mentioned, Baking soda mixed with a little water and made into a paste, can be a great mildly abrasive cleaner.  It works great for cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces.
    • I like to use baking soda to help clean some of our produce (such as grapes, apples, and pears).  First I put the produce in a large bowl and add some water, then I sprinkle a little baking soda in, and agitate it really well.
    • Use baking soda and vinegar to help clean out your drains.  First pour in some baking soda, then pour some vinegar over that and it will start to bubble and foam.  Cover your drain if you can and then rinse out with hot water.
    • If you have really dirty dishes, sprinkle baking soda on them and let them sit for awhile.  Then use the baking soda to help scrub them clean.
    • If you run out of toothpaste, you can make a baking soda paste to brush your teeth with.  I know this might not be the most pleasant thing, but if you're desperate it will help!
    • Baking Soda is also a great cutting board cleaner.  It helps get rid of any lingering odors as well.
    Baking Soda is really great because you probably have some on hand already.  Since I have a small child and pets, it really gives me peace of mind to know that I don't have to worry about any of them getting into it either.

    New Printable Coupons

    There are some new printable coupons available at  One of them is a $1/1 Reach floss coupon(click on personal care).  This floss is .99 right now at CVS, so this coupon makes it free.  It is also usually only $1 at Walmart as well.

    I also saw some new coupons for Pillsbury simply bread products.  There was a .50/1 for the simply biscuits.  This might make for a great deal if your store doubles coupons.  I haven't seen these at any store in my area, but I am hoping they will have no trans fat!

    The .75/1 Muir Glen product coupon is back!  I love this one.  It makes the organic tomato paste less than .24 each at my Walmart.  You can also get the canned tomatoes for around .67 per can with this coupon.

    *I was also able to print off another copy of the $1/1 coupon for Dannon 32 oz. yogurt (zip:  33173).

    Happy Mega Swag Bucks!

    Today is Mega Swag Bucks day!  What is Mega Swag Bucks?

    Mega Swag Bucks is every Friday when you have a much higher chance of winning large amounts of Swag Bucks with a search.  If you are wondering: What is Swag Bucks?

    Swagbucks is an awesome site to join to earn a little extra money. I personally have earned almost $180 in amazon gifts cards since joining about 10 months ago.

    Swagbucks is a free search engine site that rewards you with Swag bucks for searching. You can then trade your Swag bucks in for Prizes in their store. My favorite Prize is a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 Swag bucks. It is easy to earn Swag bucks because you just use it as your search engine instead of your regular one. I earn Swag bucks every day by simply going to Swagbucks and searching for the next site I am going to visit online, such as my email, ect..  Swagbucks is a great way earn a little extra to help out with paying for Christmas and Birthdays.

    You can sign up with Swagbucks by going HERE and they will start you out with 30 Swagbucks.

    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    Fresh Express Coupons

    If you go Here and play the Fresh Express instant win game, you can possibly win .50/1 or $1/1 coupons for Fresh Express Salad Kits, among other prizes.  I won a .50/1 coupon.

    Thanks Money Saving Mom!

    Possible Free Movie Tickets From Shop At Home

    Right now Shop at Home has a promotion going where if you have their toolbar installed on your computer that you can get a free Fandango promotional code to see a movie from Oct. 8-10th.  I signed up for this and you don't actually get the promo code right away.  They send you an email 1-2 days after you sign up, then after you verify your email address, I guess you will get your promo code on Oct. 6th.  The only reason why I put "possible" free movie ticket is because I have not received my promo code yet to verify that this works.  If you use Shop At Home, they have it on their home page in the rotating ads.  If you don't use Shop at Home yet, you might really consider signing up, especially with the holidays approaching.  To sign up for the movie ticket, you have to go HERE to Shop At Home's Facebook page and click on the sweepstakes link.

    My Store Matchups 9-30 through 10-06


    Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast family pack $1.69/lb.

    Chicken leg quarters Family pack .59/lb.

    Pork Chops-America's cut or Butterfly Boneless 7 oz. $1 each

    Oscar Mayer Cotto Salami or Bologna 12 oz. 4/$5
    Use $1/2 Printable coupon
    Final Price:  .75 each


    Grapes-red or green .99/lb.
    Cauliflower or Broccoli crowns .69/lb.
    Red Potatoes 5lb. bag $1.49
    Pineapple or Honey dew melon $1.99 each
    Romaine Lettuce:  .79/lb.
    Green beans or yellow and zucchini squash .79/lb.
    Bartlett Pears:  .99/lb.
    Pomegranates:  .99 each
    Mustard, Turnip or Collard Greens .79/lb.
    Yellow onions 3 lb. bag $1.49
    Red delicious apples:  .79/lb.
    Kiwi:  2/$1
    Spinach 10 oz. or 1 lb. baby carrots:  2/$3
    Assorted Apples 3 lb. bag 2/$4


    Banquet Dinners 5.75-10.25 oz. (excluding select) .89 each (limit 6)

    Simply Juices 2/$5

    Yoplait Yogurt 6 oz. 10/$4
    Use .40/6 Printable Coupon
    Final Price:  .33 each

    Langers apple juice 64 oz. 4/$5

    Store Brand Shredded cheese 8 oz. 4/$5

    Propel and Gatorade .89 each

    Campbell's Tomato or chicken noodle soup 10.75 oz. 2/$1
    Use $1/3 printable coupons (if included)
    Final Price:  as low as .17 each

    Gold medal flour 5 lb. bag $1.69

    Red Gold tomatoes 28 oz. $1 each
    Use $1/3 Printable coupon
    Final Price:  as low as .77 each

    Ronzoni Healthy Harvest or Smart taste pasta $1
    Use $1/2 Printable coupons
    Final Price:  .50 each

    Boca burgers or Chik'n patties $2.79
    Use $1/1 Printable Coupon
    Final Price:  $1.79

    Swiss Valley Milk gallon $2.19

    Yoplait Fiber one or Yoplus yogurt 4 pack 2/$3
    Use .50/1 Printable Coupon
    Final Price:  $1 each

    Large Eggs Dozen .79 each
    Use B1G1 Printable coupon
    Final Price:  2 dozen for .79

    Hampton Farms salted or roasted peanuts 20 oz. 2/$4

    Superior Nuts 8 oz. 2/$5


    Ziploc Bags storage or freezer 10-20ct. snack or sandwich 50 ct. 2/$3
    Use $1/2 from 9-12 S.S.
    Final Price:  $1 each

    Some Coupons Have Reset

    I was just checking out and found that the $2/1 Hidden Valley Farmhouse Dressing coupon had reset and I was able to print it again, you may want to head over there and see if any you printed before have reset.  If you want any of these coupons, they may very well disappear very quickly.

    Free Zone Perfect Bar on Facebook

    Beginning at 3 p.m. Eastern time,  you can get a free ZonePerfect Cookie Doughlicious Bar.  All you have to do is "like" Zone Perfect on Facebook and there will be 40,000 bars available.  Click on the Surprises tab and fill in your info.

    Swag Code Available for 5 Swag Bucks

    Right now there is a Swag Code on the toolbar worth 5 Swag Bucks!  This is available until 1:45 PDT.

    Copy and then paste the code on the Swag Bucks home page in the box that says: Enter your Swag Code.

    If you would like to know more about Swagbucks and why I love it so much, you can check out this post.  Or you can go ahead and sign up here, they will start you out with 30 Swag Bucks!

    National Geographic Only $15 At Amazon

    National Geographic
    If you read National Geographic, you know that subscriptions are pretty pricey.  I love this magazine, but when they send me renewal deals, the lowest they ever offer is $34 per year.  Right now Amazon has the subscriptions for only $15!  This is an awesome deal.  These could make a nice Christmas gift for someone you know.  Shipping is always free with magazine subscriptions.  You can go HERE to find this deal.

    Thanks My Frugal Adventures!

    Free Nescafe Taster's Choice at CVS

    This week, CVS has Nescafe Taster's Choice on sale for only $1.  Use the $1/1 Printable coupon HERE, to get them free!

    Nescafe Taster's Choice $1
    Use $1/1 Printable Coupon
    Final Price:  Free!

    Thanks Couponing to Disney!

    Hot Groupon is Back Again!

    Today the really great Groupon deal for is available again.  For only $10, you get a $20 gift certificate to, plus free 1-2 day shipping is included!  Now, if you don't know what is, it is the sister site to  I bought a Groupon for before, and I was very happy with their service. offers almost any type of beauty and personal care products that you could think of:  makeup, cleaning products, paper products, laundry detergent, and lots of natural and organic items!  This Groupon deal would be a great way to save on some of those items that it is hard to ever find a great deal on like natural cleaning products.

    Here's how to get this deal:
    • Go to Groupon and sign up.
    • Click on the “Visit More Cities” tab up in the navigational bar and click on Los Angeles (since this is an online deal, anyone can purchase it).
    • Purchase the $20 voucher for only $10- it may be on the right side of the page.(this offer is available today only).
    • Your Groupon voucher will show up in your account within 24 hours with a special code to use at checkout.  You can redeem it beginning September 30, 2010.
    • This Groupon must be used by December 28, 2010. There is a limit of one per order. Limit one per customer. But you may purchase multiples as gifts.

    Free 8 x 10 Photo Collage From Walgreens

    Right now, through Friday, you can get a totally free 8x10 Photo Collage from Walgreens.  Enter the promo code:  FBCOLL at checkout.  If you choose to pick this up in-store, then you won't have to pay for shipping or anything.  You can go HERE to get started created yours.  This is a facebook offer.

    Thanks Couponing to Disney!

    New Pampers Gifts to Grow Code

    There is a new 10 point Pampers Gifts to Grow Code available right now: 


    If you do not have a Pampers Gifts to Grow account, you can go here to sign up.

    Find a huge list of more active Gifts to Grow codes HERE (should net you about 300 points)

    Thanks My Frugal Adventures!

    3-Pack Free Sample of Pampers Cruisers

    Right now through Sam's Club you can request 3 samples of Pampers Cruisers in size 3, 4, or 5.  You do not have to be a member of Sam's Club in order to request this.

    Thanks Money Saving Mom!

    Printable $1/1 Tic Tac Coupon

    Today's Redplum Daily Dash for Deals coupon is for $1 off any Tic Tac single or multipack.  This should make the single packs free!  Go HERE to print you coupon.  You should be able to print off two copies of this.  This one might go pretty fast!

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    Free Zone Perfect Bar Tomorrow

    If you go over and "like" Zone Perfect on Facebook, you may be able to get a free bar.  Tomorrow they are giving their first 40,000 fans a free bar.  They don't have 40,000 fans yet, so you still have a good chance.

    Home Depot Garden Club

    If you have a Home Depot close to where you live and you ever do any gardening, you may want to consider signing up for the Home Depot Garden Club.  They periodically send out email coupons, and home mailer coupons.

    Free Sample of Aleve

    If you go here, you can request a free sample of Aleve Caplets from Sam's Club.  You do not have to be a member of Sam's Club to request this.

    Thanks Money Saving Mom!

    Printable Coupons

    Go HERE to print off a $1/1 V8 V-Fusion coupon

    Save $1/1 Degree Women's Deodorant

    Save $5 when you spend $15 at T.G.I. Friday's

    Save $1/1 Oscar Mayer Carving Boards Meats

    Go here for Assorted Colgate Coupons

    .75/1 Farm Rich product- you may want to join the Farm Rich Fun Club, they occasionally send out emails with coupons for $2/1 product

    Another $5/25 Dollar General Coupon

    I got an email from Dollar General today with another $5/25 coupon.  This one is valid from 9-30 to 10-02 only.  Go here to print one off.

    Kohl's: Extra 30% Off

    Starting today, Kohl's has another sale where you get an extra 15%, 20%, or 30% when you use your Kohl's charge card.  I think Kohl's must be missing my money lately, because they sent me another 30% coupon this time around.  If you use the code:  LOVE2SAVE30 you will get an extra 30% off of everything.  I love to use these 30% coupons on clearance deals, to really score.  Kohl's also has the Kohl's cash promotion going right now too.  For every $50 you spend in-store and online, you will receive $10 Kohl's cash.  That is basically an additional 20% off, on top of all the other discounts.  The 30% off promo code is valid through October 6th.  You can go HERE to check out Kohl's Online.

    IGA Pumpkin Sale

    Starting 9-30 through 10-02, IGA has their pumpkins on sale for only $2 each.  From the advertisement, it lots like all sizes are this price.  This is probably the best price that there will be on pumpkins.  I think I am going to ad-match some at Walmart tomorrow.  We love to go to our local pumpkin patch every year for a fun day, but their pumpkins can be pretty pricey for the larger sizes.

    Kroger Matchups 9-30 through 10-06

    These match-ups are based on the Decatur, Illinois area Kroger stores.  Kroger will double your coupons .50 and under.

    Starkist Tuna pouch 2.6-3oz.  $1
    Use .50/1 Printable coupon (facebook offer)
    Final Price:  Free

    Luna, Cliff, Mojo bars $1
    I told you a week or so about a .50/1 coupon available (not available anymore)
    If you got that coupon:  Free

    Best Life Buttery Spread 15 oz.  $1
    Use $1/1 Printable Coupon
    Final Price:  Free

    Kroger Brand buns 8 ct. $1
    Use .20/1 E-coupon
    Final Price:  .80

    Duncan Hines Cake Mix $1
    Use .50/1 e-coupon when you buy cake mix and frosting
    Use .50/1 decadent supreme or .50 off when you buy cake mix and frosting (would double to $1)
    Final Price:  varies

    Store Brand Medium Eggs 12 ct.  2/$1
    Use B1G1 from HERE
    Final Price:  only .50 for 2 dozen!

    Store Brand Milk Half Gallon, including chocolate:  4/$5 

    Campbell's soup 10.25-11.5 oz. $1
    Use $1.50/3 or $1/3 Printable Coupons
    Load $1.50/3 e-coupon (excludes some types) Load all 4 available coupons!
    Final Price:  as low as free!

    Red Gold or Ro-Tel Tomatoes $1
    Use $1/3 Red Gold Printable
    Final Price:  .77 each

    Kangaroo Pita Pockets $1
    Sign up here to get .50/1 coupons via mail for the next sale

    Freschetta Pizza $4.99 each
    Use $1/1 Printable Coupon
    Final Price:  $3.99 each

    Dannon Yogurt 4-6 pack $1.88 each
    Use .50/1 light and fit or .75/1 Activia printables
    Final Price:  .88-1.13 each

    Yoplait Yogurt cups 4-6 oz.  10/$5
    Use .40/6 e-coupon
    Use .40/6 Printable coupon (doubles to .80/6)
    Final Price:  as low as .30 each

    Cascadian Farm Organic Cereal or Granola bars:  $2.99
    Use $1/1 Printable coupon
    Final Price:  $1.99 each

    Almonds, Walnuts, and Pecans 12-16 oz.  $4.99


    Private Selection Frozen Turkey .87/lb.  (limit 2)

    Tyson Chicken:  40% off

    Boneless Half Pork Loin  $1.77/lb.

    Boneless Pork Chops:  $2.97/lb.

    Eckrich Bologna or Franks 16 oz.  .99 each
    Use .35/1 from 8-29 S.S.
    Final Price:  .29 each


    Asian Pears $1 each

    Organic Bananas:  .59/lb.

    Organic Raspberries 6 oz. 2/$5


    Tide 75 oz.  $8.99
    Use $1/1 e-coupon or $1/1 from 9-26 PG
    Final Price:  as low as $6.99

    All liquid detergent 32-63 oz.  $2.99
    Use $1/1 Printable or$1/1 from 9-26 R.P.
    Final Price:  $1.99 each

    Energizer Flashlights $1.19(regular price at many stores)
    Use $1/1 Printable coupon
    Final Price:  as low as .19