Friday, October 1, 2010

Shopping Trip 9-30 at CVS

I wrote this last night but I couldn't get my picture to load correctly, it keep going sideways, so I took another picture today.
Today I went by my local CVS and they finally had the Oral-B re-chargeable toothbrushes in stock.  I ended up getting two, but we had to open the other one and check it out.  We have never owned a powered toothbrush before.  It is too bad the refills have to be so pricey!  Oh, yah, one warning if you have never had a toothbrush like this either-  don't turn it on if it has toothpaste on it until after you put it in your mouth.  LOL.  Anyway, Here's how this deal worked:

I bought 1 Oral-B re-chargeable on sale for $23
I used a $10/1 coupon from the 9-26 P&G insert
My Subtotal after coupon was:  $13 and I paid with a $2.99 ECB, and a $9.99 ECB that I had.  Pretty much all I had to pay was tax, and I got back $13 in ECBs.

Next I purchased my second on and I used another $10/1 coupon and I paid with the $13 in ECBs that I got from the first one.  All I had to pay was tax again, and I got back another $13 ECB.

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