Saturday, September 11, 2010

Printable Coupons

If you go HERE you can print off a coupon for $8/1 Dulcolax Balance product.  These are on sale for only $6.99 at Walgreens starting Sunday 9-12, so they would be free there as well as at many other places.  You can hit your browser's back button to print two copies per computer.

There is a new printable coupon available HERE for Buy One Get One free Uncle Ben's whole grain white rice when you use the code:  BOGOWGW

Great Programs to Join- Kraft First Taste

A great program to join to get free and high value product coupons is Kraft First Taste.  Kraft First Taste is a program where you get free coupons to try out Kraft's new products and in exchange you give them a small amount of feedback in the form of a survey.  Since joining Kraft First Taste, I have received a number of free product coupons and every survey that I have done has literately only taken about 2 minutes.  Just a couple months ago I got this offer in my account:
If you would like to see if you qualify for Kraft First Taste you can go here.

Upcoming Meijer Sale prices 9-12 through 9-18

For a comprehensive list of all the upcoming deals at Meijer, go HERE.


Free Ziploc bags

Free Green Giant boxed vegetables

$0.49 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta

Please Note:  These Meijer Matchups are done with a Meijer that doubles coupons up to $0.50.  The Meijer in Champaign does not double coupons, so some deals may be slightly different.

Upcoming Free night at Decatur Children's Museum

The Children's Museum of Illinois, located in Decatur, has an upcoming free evening on Sept. 23 from 5:00-7:00 pm.  You can go HERE to find out more.

Printable Coupons

The $5/5 Kraft Cheese or dairy items coupon has reset if you have already printed it.  You should be able to get many different products inexpensively with this coupon.

If you go HERE and join Muir Glen's Connoisseur's Club, you can print a coupon for $1/1 any Muir Glen product.  My local Walmart has Muir Glen 6 oz. Organic tomato paste for only $0.98 which you can get for free with this coupon, or you can get the Organic canned tomatoes for only $0.50 ea after coupon. 

If you hit your browser's back button, you can print two of each coupon

Friday, September 10, 2010

Snapfish planner for only $2.99 shipped

Right now at Snapfish you can use the promo code:  WOW10OFF to get $10 off any item.  You can get a custom daily planner for free with this code, all you have to pay is $2.99 shipping.  Above is my daily planner I ordered from them last year and I love it.  I just ordered myself another for next year.  If you don't want a planner, you can get a custom address book or many other items very inexpensively.  At Snapfish, click on products, then stationary to find the planners and address books, then after you make you item, enter the code on the bottom of the page during checkout.

Better Oats at IGA for only $0.25 per box

Through tomorrow, IGA has Better Oats on sale for $1.  You can use this .75/1 coupon to get them for only $0.25/ per box.

Clearance Deals- CVS and Walmart

Today I went to my CVS and found that most of their summer stuff was 75% off.  I got a huge beach umbrella, cooler on wheels, swim goggles, and a big pack of straws all for 75% off.  I wanted to get some new lawn chairs, but I took them to the price scanner and they were not 75% off.  I saw outdoor canopies, nice beach towels, and lots of kids beach toys also 75% off though.

At Walmart I saw a TON of kids summer clothes marked down.  I found the 3 piece Organic baby clothing set pictured above for only $1.  There were many other things for only $1 also- Carters rompers, shorts, shirts, and little girl outfits.  Lots of nice shorts, and shirts for little boys and girls were also on clearance for $2-$3.

Menu Planning

Menu planning can save you alot of time and money.  It can also help ensure that you are eating a well-balanced diet.  Here are a few ways that menu-planning can save you time and money:
  • If you can sit down with your weekly grocery circulars and plan what meals you will serve that week based on whats on sale, you are bound to save money.
  • Menu-planning forces you to think ahead about what you are going to do with the produce, meat, ect.. that you have on hand or will be buying.  This helps prevent food waste.  I don't know how many times in the past that I would buy meat and produce with the best of intentions, only to discover it spoiled a couple weeks later in the bottom of my fridge.
  • Planning out your weekly menu helps prevent that problem I know all too well, of 6 o' clock rolling around and I still don't know what we are having for dinner, so we end up getting take out.
  • Menu-planning helps eliminate the need to run to the store for necessary ingredients at the last minute, if you could have purchased those same items on sale earlier that week, with your other grocery shopping.
  • If you plan your meals out, you can save time with kitchen prep work.  If on both Monday and Tuesday you are having meals calling for chopped onion (or some other ingredient requiring prep work), you can go ahead and chop up all the onion you will need for both nights on Monday and store the rest in the fridge for Tuesday.
And lets face it, it is really difficult to consume all the fruits, vegetables, grains, fiber ect.. that your body needs without making a concerted effort.  Since menu planning forces you to think ahead, it will be easier to see what days you need to fit in some more fruits and vegetables (or whatever it may be)- avoiding the realization after dinner that you forgot to eat any fruit that day.
Next week, I will share some ideas on how to plan healthy meals for your family.

Shopping Trip 9-10 Wal-Mart

Total Spent: $17.90
Total Saved:  Approx. $26.52   Savings %:  Approx. 60%
What I bought:
2 Land O Lakes Fresh Buttery Taste price matched with Schnucks for $1 ea. - (2) .55/1 coupons = .45 ea

8 Yoplait Yogurts price matched with My Store for .40 ea. - $1/8 coupon

1 Tropicana Orange Juice price matched to $2.50 with Kroger

2 Healthy Choice Steamers Meals price matched to $1.50 ea. with Kroger - (2) $1/1 coupons

1 Gain dish soap .97 - $1/1 coupon from 8-29 P&G = free

1 Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce $3.58 - $1/1 coupon = $2.58

Bananas priced matched to .39/lb with Kroger - $1.25 coupon from emailing the company = .40
(2) 3 lb. Bags of Granny smith apples price matched to $1.49 ea. with My Store

1 Cauliflower price matched to $1.67 with Kroger

1 Avocado price matched to .49  with Aldi

(1) 3 lb. bag onions price matched to $1.50 with My Store

1 package of Raspberries price matched to $1.67 with Kroger

Nectarines price matched to .69/lb with My Store = .85

Go HERE to learn more about price matching

Today's Chicago Groupon- Museum of Science and Industry

Today's Groupon deal of the day for Chicago is discounted memberships to the Museum of Science and Industry.  For $55 you can purchase a one-year family membership (regularly $115).  The family membership includes free admission for two parents and all children plus a guest.  You also get free unlimited admission to the omnimax and discounted parking.  There is also a single person membership available for only $40 (regularly $80).  You can go HERE to check out this groupon.  Enter your info then click on more cities at the top and click on Chicago. 

I am really considering buying this Groupon, we have been wanting to visit the Museum of Science and Industry for ages and I think my little boy is finally old enough to really enjoy it.  The museum does have some free days, but I vowed to never go to one of these museums on a free day again after we went to Shedd aquarium in Chicago earlier this year.  Buying this family membership would save us about $16 just on one trip (including admission, 3 omnimax tickets, and discounted parking).

Printable Coupons

$1.50/2 any Ziploc Products

$1/3 Heinz Gravy

$1/1 Ore-Ida Steam n Mash

Mega Swag Bucks

Today is Mega Swag Bucks day!  What is Mega Swag Bucks?

Mega Swag Bucks is every Friday when you have a much higher chance of winning large amounts of Swag Bucks with a search.  If you are wondering: What is Swag Bucks?

Swagbucks is an awesome site to join to earn a little extra money. You probably won't get rich using Swagbucks, but I personally have earned $160 in amazon gifts cards since joining about 10 months ago.
Swagbucks is a free search engine site that rewards you with Swag bucks for searching. You can then trade your Swag bucks in for Prizes in their store. My favorite Prize is a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 Swag bucks. It is easy to earn Swag bucks because you just use it as your search engine instead of your regular one. I earn Swag bucks every day by simply going to Swagbucks and searching for the next page I am going to visit online, such as my email, ect..
Swagbucks is a great way earn a little extra to help out with paying for Christmas and Birthdays. You can get started with Swagbucks by going HERE and they will start you out with 30 Swagbucks.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Gain Dish Soap and Cheap Wisk

Did you get the $3/1 Wisk laundry detergent, and $1/1 Gain dish liquid coupons in the 8/29 Redplum and P&G inserts?  I didn't get the Wisk coupon in my newspaper, but both my dad and grandma got it. 

At Dollar General you can get Wisk for only $1:
buy 1 Wisk laundry detergent 32 loads: $4.00
-$3.00/1 from 8/29 Redplum = $1.00

Wal-Mart has the small bottles of Gain dish soap for only $0.97, use the $1/1 coupon from 8/29 P&G and get it Free!

Grant's Farm Groupon Deal

Today's Groupon deal for St. Louis is for Grant's Farm.  For $10 you get parking plus $10 in concession cash inside.  Admission to Grant's Farm is always free, but parking is normally $11 per car.  If you were thinking about going to Grant's Farm soon, it is like you get the $10 concession cash for free.  You can go here to see this Groupon.  If this deal does not automatically come up, you can go to the top and click choose more cities, then click on St. Louis.  This Groupon is only available to purchase today, but you have until Oct. 31, 2010 to use it.

Printable Coupons

If you go here and fill out your info you can print a coupon for $2.00 off any Simple Green Product - hit your browser's back button to print two. (There is also supposed to be a $3.00 off coupon in the Sept. issue of Good Housekeeping)

$1/1 coupon for Kellogg's fruit flavored snacks

$1.50/1 Arm and Hammer Cat Litter (goes straight to printing)

Buy one Get one Free coupon for Athenos Feta Cheese (must like them on facebook)

$1/1 Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce and Buy one Get one Free Coupon for Kikkoman Ponzu sauce

Thanks Wild for Wags

Almost Free Multipurpose Paper at Staples

Right now at Staples you can get a ream of multipurpose paper for only $0.10.  Here's how:
Buy 1 ream of multipurpose paper $5.99
Use THIS %15 off coupon(expires 9-11) -$0.89
Submit for $4.99 Staples easy rebate that prints on receipt = only $0.10 per ream

There is a rebate limit of 2 per household.

If you have never done one of Staples easy rebates they really are the easiest rebates ever, you enter the info. online and they mail you a check that you can then cash at the bank.

Thanks My Frugal Adventures!

Free Online Photo Developing

If you have a digital camera and have tons of pictures that need developed like me, here are some options for free pictures:

CVS Pharmacy has 50 free prints when you join online (I believe you can pick the option to pick up in store for free shipping as well)

Shutterfly has 50 free prints for new members

Snapfish has 50 free prints for new members

York Photo has 100 prints for $0.04 ea. plus your first 50 pictures are free

Winkflash has 50 free prints for new members ( use code 50FREE) and only $0.99 shipping on all orders

Clark Color Labs has 40 free prints for new members

Kodak Gallery has free mommy cards or free birth announcements

Hasbro Game coupons

If you go HERE you can print off 2 different $4 off coupons for Hasbro games.  One coupon is for Monopoly, Life, Sorry, or Clue.  The second coupon is for Pictureka, Operation, Connect 4, or Guess Who?

Save on Quality Pet Food

We always try to feed our pets the highest quality food that we can find (sometimes I think the pets probably eat better than we do!), but that can also be really expensive. Here are some links to savings on some high quality pet foods:

You can go HERE to sign up for a high value coupon for Natura dog or cat food to be mailed to you (local readers: when I signed up for this several weeks ago, I put in De Buhr's as my retailer and then when I went to use the coupon I found out that they no longer sell this brand, so I couldn't use my coupon- you may want to call the listed retailers first if you plan on using this coupon)

Sign up HERE for a $5 coupon off any Blue Buffalo dog food coupon by mail or HERE for a $3 coupon off any Blue Buffalo cat food

You can go HERE for lots of different coupons for Science Diet Foods

You can go HERE and sign up for Halo pet food emails and they are supposed to email you a coupon for a free trial sized bag.

Great Programs to Join- Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an awesome site to join to earn a little extra money. You probably won't get rich using Swagbucks, but I personally have earned $160 in amazon gifts cards since joining about 10 months ago.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a free search engine site that rewards you with Swag bucks for searching. You can then trade your Swag bucks in for Prizes in their store. My favorite Prize is a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 Swag bucks. It is easy to earn Swag bucks because you just use it as your search engine instead of your regular one. I earn Swag bucks every day by simply going to Swagbucks and searching for the next page I am going to visit online, such as my email, ect..
Swagbucks is a great way earn a little extra to help out with paying for Christmas and Birthdays. You can get started with Swagbucks by going HERE and they will start you out with 30 Swagbucks.

Printable coupons

$1/1 coupon for any Quaker instant oatmeal

$5/5 Kraft cheese or Dairy coupon

$0.50/1 Skippy all natural peanut butter with honey

$0.90/1 Glory foods product

$1/1 Hungry Jack Mashed potatoes

$1/1 Lindsay olives recloseables product

$3/1 Huggies Snug and Dry 60 ct. +

Free Family Fun: Kidsfest

Sarah Bush Lincoln is hosting Kidsfest this Saturday as part of it's healthy communities program. It is set to run from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm in the north parking lot at Sarah Bush. There are lots of fun-sounding activities scheduled:
  • BMX stunt shows
  • Dance Demos from Mattoon Academy of Gymnastics and Dance
  • A rockstar Nutritionist (don't ask me what this is)
  • Martial arts demonstration
  • Giant bounce houses
  • Rock Climbing wall
  • Find out your baseball pitching speed
  • + tons more!
Best Yet, it's all FREE! They even have some free snack stations for the kiddos, though I believe they will be selling food as well. When I interned at Sarah Bush, the talk was that they might have parking at the airport and shuttle people over to the event, because they are hoping for something around 4,000 visitors. If you would like more info and a time schedule of events you can check it all out HERE.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cheap Scotch Brite Scrub Sponges!

If you go HERE you can print a PDF coupon for $1/2 scotch brite brand products. My Walmart sells the single sponges for $0.83, so only $0.33 each after the coupon

New Coupon Save $2 on Hidden Valley

If you go HERE you can print a new coupon to Save $2.00 on any Hidden Valley Farmhouse originals dressing. If you can't find it, I used zip 33313. This coupon will probably go fast.

This should make for a great deal on salad dressing, especially if you can get a smaller sized bottle of this, because this coupon does not exclude any sizes.

Schnucks Deals 9-08 through 9-14

Land O Lakes fresh Buttery Taste Spread 10/$10
Use $0.55/1 coupon (must Register)
Final Price $0.45 ea.

Kangaroo 7 inch Pita Pockets 6 ct. 10/$10

Baby Carrots 1 lb. 10/$10

Dole Pineapple 20 oz. 10/$10

Old Orchard Juice 64 oz 3/$4

Fresh Express Salad Kit 10/$10

Del Monte Canned Veggies 3/$2

Kroger Matchups 9-09 through 9-15

Pepsi soft Drinks 2 liter $0.88

Kroger Brand cottage cheese 24 oz. $1.88

Tropicana 59 oz. 2/$5

Puffs Facial Tissue 3/$5

Downy Fabric Softener liquid 52-60 loads or 105 sheets $4.99
Use $1.50/1 coupon from 8-22 SS
Final Price: $3.49

Healthy Choice Entrees or Marie Callender's Pot pies 2/$3

Wesson Vegetable Oil 48oz. $1.99

Driscoll's Strawberries or Raspberries 3/$5

chiquita Bananas $0.39 /lb.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal $1.98
Use $1/1 coupon here
Final Price $0.98

Kroger Milk (includes Chocolate) half Gallon 4/$5

Bartlett Pears $0.99/lb.

Black Seedless Grapes $0.99 /lb.

Cauliflower 3/$5

My Store Matchups 9-09 through 9-15

Wow, this week My Store has a great sale going on with lots of good prices!

Center Cut Rib Pork Chops (family pack) $1.99 /lb.

1 lb. Carrots 3/$2

Russet Potatoes 8 lb. Bag $0.99

Granny Smith Apples 3 lb. Bag $1.49

Plum Tomatoes $0.59 /lb.

Centrella Ice cream 56 oz. $0.99

Yoplait Yogurt Cups 10/$4
use coupon to save $0.40/6
or use coupon here to save $1/8
Final Price: $0.27-$0.33 ea with coupons

Use In-Ad manufacturer coupon for Quaker and Aunt Jemima products Save $3.00 on 5

  • Quaker Chewy Granola Bars- 5/$5 with In-Ad manufacturer coupon

  • Quaker quick oats 18 oz. - 5/$5 with In-Ad manufacturer coupon

  • Life or Cap'N Crunch Cereal 14- 16oz. - 5/$5 with In-Ad manufacturer coupon

  • Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix 2 lb. - 5/$5 with In-Ad manufacturer coupon

Jiffy corn muffin mix 2/$1

Nature's Pride Wide Pan bread 24 oz. 2/$4

Indian Summer Apple Juice or cider 64 oz. 2/$3

Pompeian Olive Oil 16 oz. $3.99
Use $1/1 coupon Here
Final Price $2.99

Arm and Hammer 2X liquid Detergent 50 oz. 2/$5
Use $1/2 coupon here
Final Price $2.00 ea. when you buy 2

Ground Chuck family pack $1.99/lb.

Oscar Mayer Turkey Franks 2/$3
Use $1/2 coupon here
Final Price: $1 ea. when you buy 2

Stonyfield Farm Organic Milk 64 oz. $3.59
Use $1/1 coupon here ( must register)
Final Price $2.59

Use In-Ad Store coupon to save $5 when you buy any 10 of the following items:

  • Betty Crocker Fruit shapes, Gushers, roll-ups, or fruit by the foot $0.99 with In-Ad Store coupon use $0.50/2 couponFinal Price $0.74 ea. when you buy any 10 participating items

  • Pillsbury Grands Biscuits $0.99 with In-Ad Store coupon Use $0.30/2 couponFinal Price $0.84 ea when you buy any 10 participating items

  • Progresso soup $1.19 ea with In-Ad Store coupon Use $1/4 coupon Final Price $0.94 ea. when you buy any 10 participating items

Peaches or Nectarines $0.69/lb.

Cantaloupes 2/$3

Bartlett pears $0.99/lb.

Yellow Onions 3 lb. bag 2/$3

Crest Toothpaste 4.6 oz. $1.29
use $0.50/1 coupon from 8-29 PG insert
Final Price $0.79

Aldi Produce on Sale 9-08 through 9-14

The new Aldi ad that just came out has a couple great produce items on sale. These prices are valid from 9-08 through 9-14.

Celery $0.69 ea.

Grape Tomatoes $0.99 per pint

Large Avocados $0.49 ea.

Broccoli $0.99 per package

Emailing Companies- Is it really worth the time?

Have you ever thought about emailing companies to get coupons and figured that it would take a lot of time to get maybe a couple $0.50 off coupons? That is what I used to think. I would not even take a few minutes to email a company even if I had a product that was defective. Then I saw a post over at Couponing to Disney that definitely changed my point of view. I started to email companies, a few every day. I checked out Kristin's awesome spreadsheet and started by emailing companies that send out free product coupons for compliments. Slowly I started to receive free product coupons in the mail too. I received all the coupons pictured above over the past month or so. Sometimes I complained about a product that I had some problem with, but a lot of the free coupons I received were from compliments.

I never mail companies by post, always by email. It is easier, quicker, and saves me the cost of a stamp. When I email companies I try to keep it pretty short and sweet. I always try to give a personal story about how a company's product has made an impact on my life, or my family's life. I also never actually ask for coupons. You can go here to see some sample emails. At first it took me 10-15 min. to compose an email to a company, but the more you do it, the quicker it becomes. Now, it usually only takes me about 5 min. to email a company. One of the coupons above is from Bayer for free Flintstones Vitamins, up to $15.00 for a compliment! I'd say that is a pretty good investment of my time.

Last Christmas, my husband and I spent what I felt like was a decent chunk of money on a wood table and chair set for our son. When we received it the particular model that we ordered had a small defect in the table surface, and it only got worse as it was cleaned over and over. I emailed the company explaining everything to them. I even took several pictures that I attached to the email. Then I told my husband that I would be surprised if I even hear back from them. To my surprise they emailed me back the next day saying that they were fed-exing me a different table and chairs model for free. I also got to keep the first set! The new set they sent is pictured below:

Free Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

If you have never requested this before, you can go HERE and sign up to receive a coupon in the mail for a FREE full-size bottle of Country Bob's all purpose sauce. This is my husband's favorite steak sauce.

Upcoming deals at CVS -Money Making body wash and Vitamins!

Starting Next week from 9-12 to 9-18 CVS has Nivea Active 3 body wash on sale for $4.99 with a $4.99 ECB back. Use the $1/1 Nivea for men coupon from the 7-25 or 8-29 Redplum insert for a $1 money maker!

Next week Alive vitamins will also be free after ECB at CVS, use the $1/1 printable coupon here for another $1 money maker.
Alive Vitamins $9.99- $1 coupon = $8.99 and get $9.99 ECB back

Free Trident Layers at CVS

This week at CVS you can get free Trident layers gum.
$0.99 - $0.99 ecb = Free
Use the coupon HERE to save $1/2 and you can get two packs for free.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free Kashi Sample from Vocalpoint

You can go HERE to request a free sample of Kashi GOLEAN Crisp Cereal, courtesy of Vocalpoint.

Shopping Trip 9-07 CVS - Free Milk!

Today at CVS I spent a total of $0.29 + tax for all of this.
I bought:
1 Gallon of milk -$2.79
1 Dove chocolate - $0.50
4 bottles of Coke

Total - $10.05
- $3/$10 grocery purchase coupon from CVS price scanner
-4 Free Coke coupons from
subtotal = $0.29 + tax which made for a Free Gallon of Milk that we really needed!

Shopping Trip 9-07 Wal-Mart

Today I spent a total of $27.51 at Wal-Mart for all of this.
I bought:
1 loaf of whole wheat bread- $2.50 - $1 coupon received by emailing manufacturer = $1.50
4 Kiwi - $0.25 ea. = $1
Coffeemate -$1.92 - Used free coupon received by emailing manufacturer= Free
Chef Requested Beef Filets - $3.98 - $3.00 coupon = $0.98
Bananas priced matched to $0.36/ lb. with County Market = $0.49
5 cans of Bush's beans priced matched to $0.50 ea. with County Market = $2.50
1 Stouffer's Entree priced matched to $1.88 with Meijer - $1.00 coupon = $0.88
4 Bags of Tyson chicken priced matched to $3.99 ea. with Meijer - (4) $1/1 coupons from 8-15 S.S. = $2.99 ea.
2 Freschetta Pizzas priced matched to $4 ea. with Meijer - (2) $1/1 coupons = $3 ea.
4 campbells Healthy Harvest soups priced matched to $0.99 ea. with Meijer - (4) $1/1 printable coupons (that I don't think are available any more) = Free
1 bottle sweet baby rays BBQ sauce price matched to $1 with Kroger - $1/1 coupon received by emailing manufacturer= Free
Gold Medal Flour price matched to $1.79 with Walgreens
Subtotal = 27.06 + $0.45 tax = $27.51

Great Programs to Join- Vocalpoint

Vocalpoint is an awesome program that I have been a part of for about a year now.  Vocalpoint is Proctor and Gamble's program that gains consumer insight on their new products.  Vocalpoint sends out great samples (often full-size products), as well as high-value coupons. In exchange, you give feedback about these products on vocalpoint's website. Usually it is only necessary to leave a short comment consisting of a sentence or so. I have received some great free products from vocalpoint, and many of the coupons they have sent, allowed me to get more products for free. Go here to sign up with vocalpoint.

If you are already a member, you can sign up for a free sample of Ultra Downy right Here

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ad Matching 101

Ad Matching can be a great money and time saver for someone who lives in an area like I do. The town that I live in only has a few grocery options: Wal-Mart, County Market, Aldi and MyStore. My local Wal-Mart's Ad Matching (Also Called Price Matching) policy is that they will match any competitor's printed ad price within a 50-60 Mile radius of them. This opens up all kinds of new grocery deal possibilities because there are lots of different stores that are about 45 miles away from me. I wouldn't often drive 45 miles away to go to Kroger or Meijer, but I could ad-match their prices at Wal-Mart if I have one of their grocery circulars.

My local Wal-Mart has posted signs in the past that if you are ad-matching with a store out of town, then you must have the advertisement present to show the cashier if they wish to see it. If you are matching the ad of a store in the same town as them, then they should have it at the registers. However, I have had cashiers refuse to ad-match an item from my same town when I did not bring in the advertisement, so I always make sure to carry all of them I am planning to use with me.

Ad Matching Rules:

1. If a grocery ad has a name brand item for sale, you can only ad-match that exact brand and sizes listed. If Wal-Mart does not carry that name brand, they will not match the price.
*Exception: If a grocery ad has one of their generic store brand items listed for sale and Wal-Marts store brand is the same size then it can be ad-matched. Different Stores have different names for their store brand products such as Wal-Mart's: Great Value and Equate brands.
2. Wal-Mart will not match an ad that has items on sale for Buy 1 Get 1 Free, unless the price is listed in the ad.
3. Wal-Mart will ad-match store coupons when the price is listed. Such as a Walgreen in-Ad coupon for Arm and Hammer Baking soda 2/$1.
4. Wal-Mart will not match a competitor coupon that is for a value such as $0.50 off an item, unless the final price after coupon is listed.
5. When you are ad-matching an item that is on sale for 3/$5 or some other amount, you do not have to buy 3 items to get them for that price. The cashier can put it as 1/ $1.67 or the register can figure the price for them if they enter it as 3/$5.
6. Let your cashier know you are ad-matching items in plenty of time beforehand. The cashier may not be very happy if you forget to tell them and continue unloading your cart only to find they rang up items you were ad-matching and need them to re-scan them in at a different price.
7. Try to be courteous to fellow shoppers in line behind you. Ad-matching can take quite a bit longer to check out- let shoppers who get in line behind you know that you may take a while if you have lots of ad-matches.
8. If you are ad-matching and using coupons, try to be as organized as possible. Have your advertisements handy if the cashier asks to see them. Have all the items you are ad-matching written down by store and price. Have all the coupons you will be using, ready to hand to the cashier at the end of your order. Before I go grocery shopping I try to get together all the coupons I think that I will be using. Then after I am done getting my groceries, but before getting in line, I go back through my coupons and remove ones that I decided not to use, and add the ones that were not already in my stack.
9. Make sure you watch the prices of items being rung up. Cashiers often end up entering Ad-match prices incorrectly, or they hit enter and accidentally charge you for more items than you purchased. It is often much easier to get it corrected with the cashier than to have to go to customer service.
10. Watch as your coupons are being scanned. Almost every single grocery trip, I have coupons that either did not scan, were stuck together, or get dropped by the cashier when they pick up a different one.

If you have any questions about Ad Matching, please leave a comment and I will answer it to the best of my ability.  I have been Ad Matching since I was about 17 years old, so I have experienced many different situations.  Please feel free to share any Ad Matching advice, tips, or experiences that you may have found as well- I would love to hear about it, and I am sure others would as well!

Current County Market Coupon Booklet Valid until 9-19

This Booklet Comes in the mail along with other advertisements usually on a Wed. or Thur.
Sometimes I do not receive the booklet and My local County Market sometimes has extras at the service desk if you ask.
These coupons are all valid until 9-19. They are Store coupons and can be combined with Manufacturer coupons. All of these coupons have limits anywhere from 1 item to 4 items.

20 oz. classic white Wonder Bread: $0.88

32 oz. Smucker's Grape Jelly: $0.99

16 oz. Tennessee Pride Roll sausage: $1.99

Honeysuckle White Deli Sliced Turkey Breast: $3.99 lb.

10.5 oz super crunch potato chips: $0.99

4 pk. Dole Fruit cups: $1.29

Little Debbie Snacks: $0.89

64 oz. Minute Maid Orange Juice: $1.99

Borden Sliced or Shredded Cheese 6-8oz.: $1.39

32 oz. Mt. Olive Hamburger Chips: $0.99

4 lb. Bag County Market Sugar: $1.39

Duncan Hines Brownie Mixes: $0.69

22 ct. fun size cookies from the Bakery: $1.99

50 oz. Purex 2x Liquid Detergent: $1.88

Scotties Tissues: $0.69

100 ct. equaline Aspirin: $0.99

1 lb. Green Giant Baby Carrots: $0.88

3 lb. Bag Yellow onions: $1.19

Eckrich Smoked Sausage: $1.99

6 Pack, Half Liters, RC, A&W, or Sunkist Products: $1.88

Prairie Farms Half Gallon Ice Cream Square: $1.99

County Market Matchups 9-6 to 9-12

Value Pack Pork Loin Rib Chops: $1.88 lb.

Bananas: $0.38 lb.

Buch's Best Beans 2/$1

County Market Saltines or Oyster Crackers: $0.99

Dei Fratelli Pasta Sauce: $0.99

Dutch Farms 8 oz. Cheese: $1.59

Musselman's Apple Sauce: $1.49

Yoplait Yogurt: 10/$5
Save $0.40/6
Final Price: $0.43 ea

Cheerio's 2/$4
Use In-ad coupon to Save $4 when you buy any 8 participating items
Save $0.75/1
Final Price when you buy 8 participating items: $0.75 ea

Pillsbury Toaster Strudels: 3/$5
Use In-ad coupon to Save $4 when you buy any 8 participating items
Save $0.50/2
Final Price when you buy 8 participating items: $0.92 ea.

Nature Valley Nut clusters: 2/$4
Use In-ad coupon to Save $4 when you buy any 8 participating items
Save $0.50/1 or use $1/1 from 8-08 GM insert
Final Price when you buy 8 participating items: $0.50-$1

IGA Matchups 9-5 to 9-11

IGA Saltine Crackers or Oyster Crackers 10/$10

Yoplait Yogurt 10/$5
Coupon: $0.40/6
Final Price: $0.43 each when you buy 6

Kellogg's Cereal $1.79
Save $1.50/2 Fruit Loops
Save $1.00/2 Frosted Mini Wheats

Final Price: $1.04-$1.29 ea.

Libby's Apricots or Pears 10/$10
Save $1/2 Libby's fruit -found about half-way down the page.

Keebler Fudge or EL Fudge $1.69
Save $1/1 Fudge Shoppe Coconut Dreams -If included in sale
Final Price: $0.69

Better Oats Oatmeal 10/$10
Facebook coupon: B1G1
Final Price: 2/$1

Old El Paso Shells or Flour Tortillas or Re-Fried Beans 4/$5
Use in-ad coupon to save $3 when you buy any 6 participating items
Final Price when you buy 6: $0.75 each

Old El Paso Seasoning mix: $0.69
Use in-ad coupon to save $3 when you buy any 6 participating items
Final Price when you buy 6: $0.19 each

Pillsbury Toaster Strudels $1.69
Use in-ad coupon to save $3 when you buy any 6 participating items
Along with $0.50/2
Final Price when you buy 6: $0.94 each

Cheerios 2/$4
Use in-ad coupon to save $3 when you buy any 6 participating items
Plus $0.75/1 coupon
Final Price: $0.75 per box when you buy 6 participating items

Check out the in-ad coupon for Save $1.00 on ANY Gold'n Plump item in the meat department-This could make for a good deal on chicken
combine the in-ad coupon with this coupon for $1.50 off Gold'n Plump chicken:
Here (FF) Here (IE)

Prairie Farms chocolate or Strawberry Milk 1/2 Gal.: 2/$3

Bi-color Sweet corn 10/$3

3 Day Meat sale: Prices good only from 9-9 to 9-11 only:

80% lean ground beef: $1.89 per pound

Whole Boneless Ribeye: $5.99 per pound

Whole Boneless New York Strip: $4.99 per pound

Boneless Pork Tenderloin Tips: $1.69 per pound

Goldkist Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks: $0.79 per pound