Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Emailing Companies

If you would like to learn more about how I email companies for high value and free coupons- check out this post.

Thinking about emailing companies for coupons, but don't know where to start?  Here are a few good companies to email for coupons if you are just starting out:
  1. Bar S Foods :  What I received: VIP voucher for $5 in free products
  2. Kettle Brand:  What I received:  2 coupons for free products (no max value) and one coupon for $1/1 product.  I ended up redeeming these for a $7 jar of almond butter and a $5 family size bag of Kettle chips.
  3. Sweet Baby Rays:  What I received:  2 coupons for free Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce and one $1/1 coupon for BBQ sauce (made for another free bottle), as well as a $1/1 coupon for Ken's marinade, and $1/1 coupon for Ken's dressing.
  4. Chiquita Bananas:  What I received:  coupon for free bananas up to $1.25
  5. Bayer ( I know they send out free coupons for both Flintstone Vitamins and Aleve Pain reliever)  What I received:  Free Flintstone Vitamins up to $15.00
All of these companies are great to start out with if you are new to emailing companies because they all have a good track record for sending out free coupons for compliments.  The coupons that I received after emailing these companies were all from sending them compliments.  However, you don't have to compliment a company when you email them- you can send them a complaint or even a question too.  I have received several coupons for free items by emailing questions about products.  

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