Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Grocery Shopping This Week

This is what I bought this week at Walmart and Meijer.   For these items, I spent a total of right about $34.00.  Right after I took this picture, my husband went to County Market and picked up a lime, and cilantro for some fresh salsa, as well as 2 packages of Homestyle Flour tortillas for a total of right about $4.00.  So a total of $38.00 for this week.  I am planning on trying to incorporate more natural and organic foods after this with the extra money I have left in my grocery budget, from the last couple weeks.  I am not sure if I will buy some items at the health food store or what.  I know I need some more whole wheat flour, and I am thinking about getting bulk wheat kernels.  I have access to a wheat grinder and I am thinking about trying that as it should be much healthier for my family.  I am ready to make some big changes to my family's diet and I am trying to brainstorm right now what would be the easiest (and least expensive) things that I could do to reap the most benefits.  I have a large enough stockpile right now that I could start trying to incorporate more organic foods into our diet without increasing my budget for a while.  My only problem is that my local stores don't carry hardly any organic products :(  Of course I'll let you know what I end up doing.  Oh, yeah, my grandma gave me all the wonderful pecans in the picture at the very bottom as well :)  I can't wait to make a delicious oatmeal pecan pie for Thanksgiving.  It is  somewhat healthier(is it possible for a pecan pie to be healthy?  Lol) than traditional pecan pie and it is sooo good!  I calculated up that without any coupons or price-matching all the groceries I bought this week would have cost $110.60, so I saved about 66%.
Here's what I bought(Walmart):
  • 2 avocados price matched to .49 each with Aldi
  • 2 Broccoli crowns price matched to .88/lb. with My Store
  • 1 lb. bag of Earthbound Farm Organic carrots .88 - .75/1 manufacturer coupon = .13
  • (2) 3 lb. bags of Jonathon apples price matched to $1.39 per bag with Schnucks (I am looking forward to lots of fresh carrot/apple juice this week!)
  • 1 pork loin price matched to $1.79/lb. with Kroger (this actually wasn't price matched right- it should of been about $3 less and I am planning on getting my money back the next time I go to Walmart)
  • Garlic bulb= .29
  • 2 bottles of Heinz vinegar $1.12 each and I used (2) .50/1 manufacturer coupons = .62 each
  • 4 packages of Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta price matched to .99 each with Meijer- (4) $1/1 manufacturer coupons (adjusted down to .99 each)= free
  • 3 packages of Barilla pasta price matched to .99 with County Market- (3) $1/1 manufacturer coupons= free
  • 24 oz. Prairie Farms Cottage Cheese price matched to $1.50 with IGA
  • (4) 16 oz. rolls of Jimmy Dean sausage price matched to $1.50 each with Meijer- (4) $1/1 manufacturer coupons = .50 each (I am going to freeze all of this and it should last us about 6 months or more- we really don't eat that much sausage!)
  • 2 boxes of Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked sausage price matched to $1.50 each- (2) $1/1 manufacturer coupons = .50 each
  • 1 bottle of Coffee-mate price matched to $1.50 with IGA - $1.50/1 manufacturer coupon= free
  • 1 family size bag of Tostitos chips price matched to $2.99 with IGA
  • 1 box of New York Brand breadsticks price matched to $1.79 with IGA- $1/1 manufacturer coupon = free
  • 4 California Pizza kitchen pizzas for one price matched to $2.50 each with Meijer- (4) $2/1 manufacturer coupons = .50 each
  • 6 jars of Prego Pasta sauce price matched to $1.50 each with Meijer- (3) $1/2 manufacturer coupons = $1 each
  • 4 boxes of Triscuits price matched to $1.88 each with My Store- $3/4 manufacturer coupon = $1.13 each

  • 2 bottles of Pompeian Olive Oil for $2.99 each- (2) $2.00/1 Meijer mealbox coupons - (2) $1/1 manufacturer coupons = free
  • 2 bags of Snikiddy Gluten free cheese puffs for $2 each - (2) manufacturer coupons for free items= free
  • Grapes:  a little more than 2 pounds @ .89/lb. = $1.83 
If you have any questions about the exact coupons that I used just leave a comment and I will be happy to let you know!  It is just taking me waaay too long to link up every coupon that I use.

*If you are interested in learning more about price-matching, you can check out this post.

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