Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have You Already Decided On What You Are Purchasing For Christmas Gifts?

Do you already know what you are buying for Christmas gifts this year, or are you waiting to see what sales come up over the next month and a half?

Normally, I wouldn't know what I am purchasing as Christmas gifts so early, but this year I have had my eye on a couple gifts for my son for several months now.  In previous years, we have bought our son a number of different gifts that I was able to score for really cheap, but this year I am simplifing things (not to say I am not going shopping on Black Friday) and only planning to get him two more expensive gifts.   Here is what I am planning on giving to my son:

I want to get him these magnetic blocks because his old daycare had them and they are awesome!   You can build all kinds of cool sturctures with them and when you are done they just magnetize right together- they hardly take up any storage space.  I love that they encourage imaginative play as well.

I am also planning to get these magnetic toys for him as well:

My son has a tiny set of these and he will spend hours creating figures, structures, and geometic shapes with them.  Again, I love that they will not be taking up much storage space.

My husband has been hoping to get a PlayStation 3 for some months now.  I am not sure if he will actually receive this or not.  I think that we could afford the actual game system, but then there are so many extra things, including games, that he will need in order to play it :(.  I am hoping to see the price go down over the next month or so, or maybe a great promotion will pop up on Amazon.

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  1. My main Christmas thoughts have been on my Advent calendars. I buy clearance Halloween candy to put in my kids refillable calendars (they open a door every day of December to count down until Christmas)-I got fall Hershey's kisses half price and most in the bag were silver and red. I will use the orange ones for the peanut butter cookies with the kiss on top. :-)