Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where To Find Extra Coupons

If you want to start stocking up on great deals, you will probably want to start collecting multiple coupons.  There are a variety of different ways that you can do this, here a few ideas:

  • You could purchase extra copies of your newspaper.  I personally don't think that this is a very good deal, unless the coupons in the paper will get me several products for free.  Some newspapers will allow you to get two copies of the Sunday paper for much less than what a full-week subscription would cost.  Some Dollar Tree Stores sell the Sunday paper for only $1- This is a lot cheaper than most newspaper machines would cost.  
  • Ask Relatives- chances are you have a couple relatives who throw out their weekly coupon inserts.  You could ask them if they would save their coupons for you- My Grandma and Dad both give me their inserts.  
  • Check Restaurants like McDonald's for the coupon inserts in their papers.  Often you will find newspapers lying around at some restuarants, ask the employees if they mind if you keep the coupons.  Most likely they won't care.
  • Consider purchasing coupons from ebay.  Sometimes I buy coupons off ebay if there are coupons for items that I know I will have to buy and will be able to get a great deal on with the coupons.  Always take the shipping cost into consideration- some charge only .44 to cover a stamp- others will charge .99 or more to ship them to you.  Keep in mind that if you are purchasing coupons for a specific store sale- you may not be able to count on ebay coupons to arrive in time for you to use them.  
  • Look at your local library.  Sometimes we go to our local library on Mondays- if we do I always look to see if they still have coupon inserts in their newspapers.  Here are all the insert that I found this last Monday:  

I have asked the employees before if I could have their newspaper coupons- and they said "Yes, you don't even need to ask".
  • Consider purchasing coupons from a Coupon Clipping Company.  I have used both The Coupon Clippers and The Coupon Carry Out and have always had great results and quick shipping.  If you live near me- The Coupon Carry Out is located closer to our area- I normally get my coupons from them in 2-3 business days.  You can get 10% off your first order from The Coupon Carry Out if you use the code:  SAVETODAY!   You may need to leave off the !
  • Crystal over at Money Saving Mom says that she goes through Newspaper recycling bins to get her inserts- I personally have not been able to bring myself to do this.  Our recycling bins are located in areas with lots of traffic and I am too embarrassed to get caught pulling stuff out of the recycling bins, LoL.
Don't Forget To Print off Extra Coupons!

  • You can print off two copies per computer of most coupons.  
    • If you are printing off a Smartsource coupon- you may need to go back to the link to the coupon and hit it again in order to print off a second copy.  Often, if you hit your browser's back button for a Smartsource coupon it will say fraudulent print attempt detected- if it does, try hitting the original link again or hitting your browser's back button a couple more times, it may eventually go through. 
    • If you are printing a bricks coupon- you can normally just hit your browser's back button to print off two copies.
    • If you are wanting to print off two copies of a coupon from here, you may not find that coupon in the same place- such as if you first found the coupon on page one and printed it off and wish to print it a second time- the coupon will often go to the last page of coupons, or the second to last page.  
  • Want to know how I often have so many copies of a Printable Coupon?  I don't photocopy coupons- My little secret is that I print off coupons at EIU.  They do charge .08 per page, but I think it is a good deal if the coupon is for $1.50 off.  
  • If you live in my area- you do have to have a Panther-card to print at EIU :(.  Lake Land college does have free printing, but their computers will not allow you to download the printer software.  If a coupon you want is a PDF, then you can print it at Lake Land- but don't waste you time trying to print other types of coupons there.

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