Friday, November 5, 2010

Kroger Updates!

Well, we went to Kroger last night and I had a chance to check the prices on a few things-  since I had my husband and 4-year-old with me, I wasn't able to check as many prices as I would have liked, but I do have a couple updates for you:

  • I did find the Keebler Ready crusts to be $1.19 with the Mega Event like I mentioned here.  If you use the coupon I told you about here, you can get them for only .85 each!
  • I did see that the Hormel Chili was included in the sale- but somehow I didn't get around to checking if the Hormel Chili Masters chili- specifically was included.  My store had the Hormel priced at .84 I believe after Mega Event Pricing.
  • If you live in my area:  (Decatur, IL Kroger strores)  I did find the Ronzoni Garden delight pasta to be available.  It is only .69 after mega event discounts!  I could not find the Ronzoni Quick Cook Pasta available at the store I went to- but all the other Ronzoni- except the plus variety was only .69 after the mega event!  This makes for a great deal on pasta!  You can go here to find printable Coupons for this deal.
  • Honest Tea- I found a display at my store with a Tear-pad of black and white coupons on it for buy 4 Honest Tea and get a free Reusable Kroger shopping bag!  You may want to keep an eye out for this at your store!  How awesome?  Free Organic Tea- and a free re-usable shopping bag too!
  • I found hang tags on some products from Spectrum naturals (I think- I believe it was olive oil) that were for $3 off any 3 products from Spectrum naturals, Imagine, and a couple other brands-  If you find these- you can use them to get the Imagine organic broth for only .99 each after mega even pricing.
  • I had no problem with multiples of the Honest tea coupons doubling.  They made for .25 overage each after doubles- the Honest Tea is .75 each after mega event discounts- the coupons double to $1 off each.  
  • Another bonus- The B1G1 propel coupon takes off $1.29 each!  That makes for 2 free propel + .31 overage per coupon!  For some reason with how the computers at Kroger work- they usually take off the full-item price when you have a coupon for buy 1 get 1 or for a free product
  • The Pringles Multi-Grain are included in the Mega Event- Use the $1/2 coupon from the 10-31 P&G and the $1/2 E-coupon here (if your store will allow that) to get two for free!
  • The Quaker instant oatmeal is included with the Mega event for $2.19- if you still have the previously available $2/1 Printable Coupons for this- you can get boxes for only .19 each!
  • Family-Size Jello gelatin or pudding is included in the Mega Event for .79 per box.  If you received the .50/2 coupon in the 10-17 S.S., you can get these for .29 per box with doubles!
  • Playtex Living Gloves are on sale for $1 with the Mega Event- use the $1/1 coupon from the 10-03 S.S. insert, to get them for free!
  • If you want to get in on these deals- don't worry, you really don't need to rush- Kroger normally runs their Mega Events for 2 weeks in a row- so you should have plenty of time.
  • Does anyone know if Kroger will write rain-checks with Mega Event prices if they are out of something?
Did you find any great deals at Kroger?  I'd love to here about it!

I will be putting up a picture of what I bought later today.


  1. IN the past this is what I have found at Smiths (a Kroger store) they will do rain checks on Mega pricing but only on the last day. They have told me the days they get their deliveries and want me to come back.
    Now that I am in Idaho, i shop Fred Meyer and have not had any problems.

  2. Thanks for that info! Normally I have found that Kroger usually does not run out of the Mega event items (at least the one that I shop at), but last night I did see that for some things like pasta were getting low already.

  3. I shopped the Kroger store in Omaha today, and found lots of free deals. Our store doesn't double coupons but I was still able to get free soup, pasta, almost free Annie's Mac and Cheese and free hot chocolate. I am a little annoyed I forgot the free pringles but we don't usually eat them anyway, so oh well. I love that they include a few items from the natural and organic food section.

  4. That's awesome that you were still able to get a bunch of great deals even without doubles. I agree- I love it that they include natural and organic items- It seems like a lot of stores rarely have sales on those kind of items.