Friday, November 5, 2010

My Kroger Shopping Trip

(You can click on the picture to see it better)
This is what I purchased at Kroger last night (Plus, three things from Target).  Pretty much all these prices are still available through next week- at least.  You can check out my Kroger Match-ups here to see almost all of the links to the actual coupons that I used.  In all, I spent a total of $18.47 (not including the couple dollars that I paid in tax) for everthing that I purchased at Kroger.  According to my receipt I saved:  $180.75.  Honestly, it doesn't hardly seem possible that everthing I got from Kroger would have been $199.22 without sales and coupons- but Kroger's regular prices are pretty high on some things.  For instance my receipt says that each can of the campbell's cream of chicken soups would have been $1.39.  I also spent $5.50 on a couple things at Target- (You can find that breakdown at the very bottom).   
Here's what I got at Kroger:
  • 30 bottles of Honest Organic Tea/ Honest Organic Ade.  I used (30) .50/1 manufacturer coupons = .25 overage for each after doubles.  I am not buying my husband soda for work anymore so these will be great for him to take to drink instead.
  • 4 Kroger re-usable shopping bags at .99 each.  I used 4 tear-pad coupons to get them all for 4.  It was a store coupon- buy 4 Honest teas or ades and get a free bag.
  • 10 propel at .49 each after mega event.  I used (4) buy 1 get 1 free coupons (deducted $1.29 each)= all for free
  • 9 cartons of Imagine Organic chicken and vegetable broth at $1.99 each after mega event.  I used (3) $3/3 hang tags that I found= .99 each
  • 4 boxes of Stretch island or Fruitibu fruit snacks at $3.99 each.  I used 2 buy one get one coupons from Facebook= $2 each
  • 1 bottle of Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar on sale for $4.69
  • 1 can of Muir Glen Organic Tomato paste for .99.  I used 1 .75/1 previously available printable coupon.
  • 2 bags of Ricola cough drops at .49 after mega event.  I used (1) $1/2 manufacturer coupon= both free.
  • 4 cans of Nestle carnation evaportated milk at .69 each after mega event.  I used (2) .50/2 manufacturer coupons= .19 each after doubles.
  • 4 boxes of Quaker instant oatmeal for $2.19 each after mega event.  I used (4) $2/1 previously available printable coupons= .19 each
  • 6 cans of Campbell's cream of chicken and mushroom soup at .49 each after mega event.  I used (2) $1.50/3 printable coupons and 1 E-coupon for $1.50 came off as well= $1.50 overage
  • 2 bags of Ronzoni Healthy harvest pasta for .69 each after mega event.  I used $1/2 printable coupon and a $1/2 e-coupon came off as well= .31 overage each
  • 2 containers of multi-grain pringles on sale for .99 each after mega event.  I used $1/2 coupon from 10-31 P&G insert and a $1/2 e-coupon= both free
  • Tide stain release for $7.49.  I used $3/1 manufacturer coupon and $3/1 e-coupon= $1.49
  • 4 cans of Campbell's Chunky soup at .99 each after mega event.  I used (4) .50/1 printable coupons= all for free
  • 2 cans of Campbell's select harvest soup at .99 each after mega event.  I used 1 .50/2 manufacturer coupon and 1 .50/2 e-coupon=.25 each
  • French's french fried onions for $2.99.  I used a .50/1 printable coupon= $1.99
  • 3 Keebler Ready crusts for $1.19 after mega event.  I used a $1/3 Printable coupon= .85 each
  • 1 pampers baby wipes for $1.99.  A $1/1 e-coupon came off my card= .99
  • 2 packs of Pampers Kandoo wipes at $1.79 each.  I used 2 $1/1 manufacturer coupons= .79 each
  • 2 boxes of Advil at $2.50 after mega event.  I used (2) coupons for free items (deducted $3.99 each)= $1.49 overage each
  • 3 bottles of 7th generation spray cleaner (There are only 2 in the picture because one already busted open in my car and leaked everywhere :( ) at $2.99 each.  I used (3) $1/1 Target coupons + (3) $1/1 manufacturer coupons= .99 each
  • 1 box of Tazo Organic tea bags on sale for $3.28.  I used a .75/1 Target coupon that was previously available= $2.53

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