Friday, October 15, 2010

My Grocery Shopping This Week

I have been to the store waaaaay too many times this week.  There were just so many great stock up prices that I couldn't pass up.  Hopefully, I won't have to do much grocery shopping for the next couple weeks, except for fresh produce and dairy.  All totaled I paid a total of $44.41 for everything in all the following pictures ($42.41 if you count the $2 in ECBs that I made at CVS with the transaction at the very bottom)

I calculated up that if I had not used any coupons or ad-matched anything, everything would have cost right around $168.00 (I calculate using sale prices- I don't go by the regular store price).  This is a savings of $123.59 or 73.6%.  The first three pictures below are of three Shopping trips that I did at County Market this week (early in the week I also bought 1 package of the store brand saltine crackers for .77 because my husband was sick):
I already broke down the first transaction here, and for time purposes, I am not going to totally break down each of these because I basically used the same coupons for each transaction.  My total for this transaction was:  $3.35 and I got a $1.50 OYNO coupon for the granola.
This transaction was very similar except I bought 9 Yoplait Yogurts and only 1 box of Granola bars.  I also bought 1 old orchard 100% juice (used coupon booklet coupon to bring the price down to .99, then I used a .50/1 Printable coupon)  1 package of Keebler Cookies (I used coupon booklet to get them for $1.59, then I used a $1/1 Previously available printable coupon)  My total for this transaction was:  $2.08
This transaction for the Yoplait and the Nature Valley was the same as the one above.  I then bought 1 pound of Deli ham which I used the current coupon booklet to get it for $3.99.  I also bought a 10 lb. bag of potatoes for $1.99.  My total for this transaction was:  $4.60 (I paid partly with the $1.50 OYNO coupon that I earned in the first transaction.)

I bought these items at Walmart on Wednesday for a total of $9.67.  Here is the breakdown:
  • (7) bottles of liquid coffee-mate priced matched to $1.29 with Kroger.  I then used 7 printable coupons for $1.50/1 (these were each adjusted down to $1.29 by the cashier)= free
  • 1 loaf of whole wheat bread for $1.68
  • 1 container of powdered coffee-mate on clearance for $1.70.  I used another $1.50/1 Printable Coupon as well = .20
  • 10 packages of Kraft Philidelphia Cream cheese price-matched to .99 each with Kroger.  I used (2) $5/5 Printable coupons = free
  • 2 bottles of Kraft dressing price-matched to $1.49 each with Kroger.  I used (2) $1/1 previously available Printable Coupons= .49 each
  • 1 package of Driscol's raspberries price matched to $1 with Kroger
  • 2 boxes of Capri-Sun price matched to $1.38 each with Kroger.  I used a $1/2 manufacturer coupon that I received in a mailer from Kroger= .88 each
  • 1 box of New York breadsticks price-matched to $1.99 with Kroger.  I used a $1/1 coupon that I told you about here= .99
  • 1 container of Progresso bread crumbs price-matched to .99 with My Store.  I used a .50/1 Printable Coupon = .49
  • 1 bottle of Coke priced matched to .79 with Kroger.  I used a $1/1 Printable Coupon that I received from Recycle Bank= .21 overage
  • (1) 3 lb. bag of apples price matched to $1.49 with Aldi
  • 1 container of Prairie Farms cottage cheese price-matched to $1.39 with IGA

This picture is a total of three shopping trips that I made on Friday:  Walgreens, County Market, and Walmart.  The items that I purchased at Walmart cost a total of:  $23.20.  Here's the Breakdown:

  • (5) cans of Swanson Chicken broth on roll-back for .50 per can.  I used 1 .50/5 coupon from the 9-26 S.S. = .40 each
  • 2 packages of Driscol's raspberries on roll-back for $1.38 each
  • (1) 3 lb. bag of Onions priced matched to .96 with My Store.
  • 1 Bunch of Broccoli price-matched to $1 with Meijer
  • 1 cantaloupe price-matched to .96 with My Store.
  • 2 boxes of Old El Paso Taco shells price-matched to $1 each with Meijer.  I used (2) .50/1 previously available printable coupons= .50 each
  • 6 cans of Ro-tel tomatoes on roll-back for .88.  I used (2) $1/3 Printable Coupons = .55 each
  • 1 package of Hoagie rolls for $2.68
  • 1 large can of pumpkin puree for $2.50
  • 1 container of cornmeal for $1.38
  • 1 container of powdered creamer for $2.78.  I used a $1.50/1 Printable Coupon= $1.28
  • 1 package of Purex 3-in-1 detergent price-matched to $3.97 with Schnucks.  I used a $3/1 coupon from 10-10 R.P. = .97
  • 4 packages of Tic Tacs for .94 each.  I used (4) .75/1 coupons from 10-3 R.P. = .19 each
  • 6 cans of campbell's cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup price mathced to .59 each.  I used (2) $1.50/3 Printable coupons = .09 each
  • (2) cans of Muir Glen Organic tomato paste on clearance for .50 each.  I used (2) .75/1 Printable Coupons = .50 overage
  • Bananas= .82
  • 2 bottles of gain dish soap for .97 each.  I used (2) $1/1 coupons from 10-10 P&G insert= .03 overage each
  • 1 box of Betty crocker Cake mix for .98
  • 1 container of Betty Crocker icing price-matched to $1 with Meijer.  I used a .75 off coupon when you buy cake mix and icing from 10-3 G.M. insert.
  • 2 packages of Reach Floss for .97 each.  I used (2) $1/1 Printable Coupons= .03 overage each.
  • 1 package of Cottonelle wipes for $2.87.  I used the free coupon I told you about here= free (this coupon is still available to request too!)
  • (2) packages of Planter's pistachios for .88 each.  I used (2) $1/1 Previously available printable coupons= .12 overage each.
  • 2 packages of paper plates for .89 each with in-ad coupon
  • 6 cans of chicken broth for .50 each with in-ad coupon
  • 2 packages of Halls cough drops for $1 each.  I used a $1/2 coupon from the 10-10 S.S. 
  • 1 Reeses peanut butter cups for .69 ( I threw this in at the last minute to get my total high enough to use a R.R.)
I paid with a $5 R.R. that I got last week, and paid .74.  I then got back a $1 R.R. for the Halls cough drops.  I couldn't figure out why my total wasn't high enough to use my $5 R.R. without buying the candy-then when I got home I realized that the cashier only scanned one of my packages of paper plates.

County Market:
I bought 9 more Yoplait Yogurts at .50 each
1 more box of Nature Valley Granola Bars at $2.50
I used a .50/8 coupon for the yogurt from the 10-3 G.M. insert
I also used the in-ad store coupon for $6.00 off when you buy 10 items
My total was .50

CVS:  I made a total of $2 in ECBs for buying the above items.
1 package of candy corn for .99
2 boxes of oatmeal for $2.50 each with a $2.00 ECB back when you buy 2
1 Colgate Toothpaste for $2.99 with a $2.99 ECB back
I used .75/1 Printable Coupon for the toothpaste
CVS Price scanner coupon for .99 off the candy corn
I also used (2) $2/1 Previously available Printable Coupons
I also got my green bag tag scanned for .25 ECB
After coupons I paid:  $3.24 and received back $2.99 ECBs for the toothpaste, $2 ECBs for the oatmeal, and .25 ECBs for the green bag tag (I actually got back $1 ECB because it was my 4th green bag tag scan) = total ECB profit of $2

*If you would like to learn more about Ad-matching, check out this post.

*If you would like to learn more about shopping for free at CVS, check out my 3-post series starting here.


  1. Woo Hoo! Great shopping trips! Thanks for sharing.

    Jennifer @

  2. I don't have the time to chase all the deals since I work full time, but I did do a great deal at CVS last Sunday. I spent a total of $12.00 and got 2 boxes of cereal, 1 box oatmeal, 1 box granola bars, 2 pantene products, 1 bag candy corn, 1 box toothpaste, 1 box just for men haircolor, 2 bottles of Dawn. I made two transactions so I could use my extra bucks on the second group of stuff. Of course I had both store coupons and manufacturer coupons. I was so pumped at the great deal.

  3. Actually I think it may have been $11.00 and I think I am forgetting a couple things.

  4. Great Shopping trip come link up to

  5. @Stephanie- sounds like you got some great deals! I love CVS!