Thursday, September 16, 2010

Incredible Deal on Kraft Cheese Starting Tomorrow at Meijer!

I just opened up my newspaper and saw that Meijer is having a 2-day sale this Friday and Saturday 9-17 to 9-18.  With the sale prices and checkout coupon you can get Kraft cheese for only .17 per 8oz.!  You can also get the Kraft Singles for only .17 per package too!
Here is how this deal works:

  • Buy 10 packages of either 5-8 oz. Kraft Cheese in the chunk form or Kraft singles 10.7-12 oz. package on sale for 3/$5  You can buy these in any combination-as long as you buy 10
  • Pay $6.70 and get back a Meijer coupon for $5 off you next order for buying $15 of Participating Kraft products.
  • Net price after checkout coupon for 10 packages of cheese:  only $1.70 or .17 per package!

This is an incredible deal if you use much cheese, and even if you don't you can shred the bars of cheese and freeze it!  Check out the expiration dates on the cheese, I bought a lot a couple weeks ago and it was good until Jan. of 2011.

*Even if you can't make it to Meijer, but have the ad, you can ad-match this price at Walmart.  You won't get the $5 off checkout coupon, but you can still get packages of the chunk or singles products for .67 each which is still a great price!

*Please note if buying this cheese at Meijer:  To get the $5 off Checkout coupon, you have to purchase either the 8 oz. chunks, or Kraft singles.  If you purchase the 8 oz bags of shredded cheese the $5 off checkout coupon will not print.  Details about this offer, including other participating items is available right on the front of this 2-day sale ad.

Please note:  There has been some talk that some Meijer's are scared of redeeming this coupon because of it's high value and they are afraid it is fraudulent.  However, this coupon is totally legitimate.  It is directly from the Kraft website.  I used several of these coupons 2 weeks ago at the Champaign, Illinois Meijer with out any problem.

I will post the rest of the deals for the Meijer 2-day sale later on today, I need to spend some time with my little boy!

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