Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Coke Rewards

*I really hesitated in posting this because I am afraid I sound like I am trying to sell Coke products.  Please know that I do not suggest that you drink soda, I just want you to know how you can maximize your purchases if you do.  I am in no way affiliated with Coke or My Coke Rewards.

If you buy Coke products or know someone who does, you might want to consider joining My Coke Rewards.  We normally do not have soda in our house at all, but my husband regularly drinks soda while he is at work.  Since I can not manage to break him from this habit, and he would probably just spend more money buying soda from a convenience store, I try to stock up on soda when it is a good price so he can take it to work.  If I have the choice of purchasing Coke or Pepsi products for the same price, I always buy Coke because all Coke products have codes on them that you can redeem for prizes at My Coke Rewards(I guess Coke has a good marketing scheme going there huh?).  Even if you do not purchase Coke Products but someone else that you know well does, maybe they will not mind saving their reward codes for you if they are not planning to use them.  My dad gives me all his Coke reward codes, because he really doesn't want to mess with entering them.  I usually redeem my Coke rewards for free 20 oz. product coupons for 30 points each.  
  • Coke products include:  Fanta, Pibb, Barq's, Sprite, Mello Yellow, Dasani, Powerade, and of course all regular Coke products.
  • (3) 12 packs gives you enough points for a free 20 oz. coupon and (10) bottles with codes give you enough for a free 20 oz coupon.
  • I don't enter codes every time I get them, because that would take up too much time.  Instead, I have a designated drawer that they all go into, then when I have time, I enter them all at once.
  • Tip:  It does not matter if you enter codes in upper or lowercase, and all 0's are zeros, not the letter O.
  • I always keep my free 20 oz. coupons in my purse, they come in handy to help you get other items for free at CVS (like I did here), and they help me cut down on costs for my grocery budget, because then my husband can take them to work, and I don't have to buy as much soda.

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