Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great Programs to Join- CVS Advisor Panel

If you shop at CVS, you may want to sign up for CVS's Advisor Panel.  I have been a part of this for about a year now.  The CVS Advisor Panel is a program where CVS sends you a couple surveys per year.  If you qualify to take the survey, they typically take about 5-10 minutes and you are able to print out free ECB's in exchange for your opinion about new products, packaging, ect. that they are considering using.  They do not send out very many surveys- I think that I have done 3-4 in the last year, but they are pretty generous with the Extra Care Bucks.  I did one a couple months ago that took maybe 7 minutes and I was able to print off $10 in ECBs.  To apply for this program go HERE.

Want to find out about more Great Programs to Join?  I do not suggest anything that I have never tried out myself.  You can check out all the other programs I love:  HERE, HERE, and HERE

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