Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two options for Free Amazon Prime

Right now there are two ways that you can get an Amazon Prime membership for free.
  1. If you join Amazon Student, you get a free Prime membership for a whole year!  This is a $79 value.  To get this you do have to have a valid email address.  I was so happy to get to sign up for this! 
  2.  You can join Amazon Mom for a free 3-month prime membership- plus you get 30% off diapers and wipes with subscribe and save.  You also have the potential to earn more free months with purchases from Amazons baby store.  
What's so great about Amazon Prime?  Amazon Prime lets you get free two-day shipping with any Amazon purchase- no minimum purchase amount required.  Plus you can get overnight shipping for only $3.99/ item.  Around the holidays a Prime membership comes in really handy, especially if you use Swagbucks and have gift cards to use.  Another awesome thing about Amazon?  There is no tax!  If you have a big purchase to make you can save $20-30 on tax alone by buying from Amazon.  Just the other day I bought a huge text book from Amazon with over 1,000 pages, I got it used and since I have Prime, I got it shipped for only $8 total!  I think I actually got it the next day after I ordered!  Most companies would have charged me at least $10 for standard shipping alone, not to mention 2-day shipping.  

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