Thursday, September 16, 2010

Movie Coupons

Right now there are several good movie coupons available.

At you can find $2.00 off coupons for Mac and Me or Little Monsters on DVD. has a coupon to save $5.00 on the DVD or Blue Ray of Letter to Juliet

Through Disney Movie Rewards you can print off a coupon to save $10.00 off the Blue Ray combo pack of Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.  It says this coupon expires on 10-03-2010.  Heads Up:  This Blue Ray combo pack will be on sale in Target's ad next week for $22.99, so only $12.99 after coupon.

To get this coupon:  Go HERE and either sign in with Disney Movie Rewards or create an account.  I saw this offer after I signed in if you scroll down and look on the right hand side of the page.

You can also print off a coupon to save $10.00 off the Combo pack of Beauty and the Beast.  For this one though, you have to have a previous copy of the movie on either VHS or DVD.  To get this coupon:  go to Disney Movie Rewards sign in and enter the UPC # from your previous copy in the Enter Magic Code box.  After you do that, it should automatically pop up with link saying Click Here to get you $10 coupon.

Ok, Just one more Disney Movie Rewards Coupon!  You can also sign into Disney Movie Rewards, and click HERE and you should find a coupon good for $8.00 off the Blue Ray Combo Pack of Prince of Persia:  The Sands of Time.

*You may be able to combine these coupons with the Toys R Us coupon I posted previously to get a better deal.

If you really feel up for trying out a very complicated set of transactions(or at least they seem that way to me) you can go HERE and read this post along with the comments.  Supposedly, if you follow the directions in the comments you can basically get Toy Story 3, Tinkerbell, and Beauty and the Beast for very cheap.  Honestly though, I don't shop at Toys R Us much so I can't quite "wrap my head around this deal" like one of the commenters on this post.  Maybe someone familiar with Toys R Us could understand this better though.

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