Sunday, October 24, 2010

Do You Have Any Nutrition Questions?

I love to research and write about nutrition topics so if you have any questions please let me know and I may be able to do a post about the topic.  I also love to nutritionally "dissect" foods.  Do you have a question about a certain food item?  I would love to give my Un-Professional opinion about whether or not a food marketed as being "healthy" really is.  Some posts I hope to cover in the near future:

  • All about Trans Fat
  • All about Fiber, and Soluble Vs. In-soluble fiber
  • All about Juice
  • Food dyes
  • Please let me know which of these topics or others that you may be curious about!  I really want to know what my readers are interested in!  


  1. All of those topics sound great to me. I am always interested in learning about eating healthier. We have made some small steps, but have a long ways to go and your posts like this can help us understand the differences and what is ok vs what should try to be eliminated.

    Some things that I would be interested in are:
    Trans fats
    Fiber (how much everyone should get per day, gram wise)
    Fats (how much our limit should be per day, gram wise)
    Food Colorings
    Substitutions we can use in recipes to eliminate bad fats (ex: applesauce in baking instead of butter or oils)

  2. Thanks for following. I am following you back. I like your blog.

  3. I briefly saw a post a couple weeks ago where you premixed dry ingredients for future use and loved that idea. I would love to see more. When I was growing up my mom canned, froze everything and really wish I could be a little more hands on rather than buying the premade mixes. Keep up the good work on your blog. Thank you!