Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dog Food Rebates Available At Rural King

The other day I found these rebates at Rural King.  The first rebate is for Science Diet Healthy Mobility Dog Food and I found it taped to almost every bag of this type of dog food.  If you buy a 4.5 lb. bag or larger of the Healthy Mobility Dog food you can submit the rebate to receive a $5 check back by mail.  It also suggests going here for $30 in savings for this kind of dog food, I am not sure if you could combine the two offers.

The second rebate is for Eagle Pack Dog food and there was a tear pad of these coupons right in front of the food.  For this one, you can either purchase a 15 lb. bag of Dog food or a 30 lb. bag.  If you purchase the 15 lb. bag you can submit for a $5.00 off coupon for you next bag, plus a coupon for a free can of food.  If you purchase the 30 lb. bag, you can submit the rebate to receive a $10.00 coupon for you next bag of food, plus coupons for 2 free cans of dog food. 

These rebates are both valid until 12-31-10.

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