Friday, October 29, 2010

What Is Cheaper? Healthy VS. Junk Food

I hear this subject debated all the time so I thought I would offer my two cents on the topic.  Which is cheaper- Healthy Food or Junk Food?

I know that there are often sales and coupons available that allow you to get all kinds of junk food for cheap or free- but I think Healthy Food is cheaper.

Why?  Here's how I see it:

  • Think about the value that you are getting for the amount of nutrients that are present in the food.  You would have to buy a whole lot more junk food to get the same amount of the nutrients that your body needs, compared with buying healthy food.  With healthy food- you are getting more bang for your buck!  Even if you did consume more junk food than healthy food, you are most likely still not getting many of the nutrients that your body needs- no matter how much you consume.
  • Don't just think short term- what are the Long -Term costs of eating junk food?  Some healthy food may cost you a little more right now, but if it is giving you more energy, a longer life, and a lower risk of developing chronic diseases- isn't it worth it??  
  • Have you noticed how almost all junk food packages are growing smaller-while the price is actually creeping up?  I have not seen this with bags of brown rice, dry beans, flour, or fruits, veggies, and meat- I still see the same regular sale prices that I have for the past couple years for these items.
  • Think of the cost per pound of healthy vs. junk food.  A bag of chips costs from $2-$4 for only 10-12 oz.   I can find boneless skinless chicken breasts for $2/lb. or under, and grapes or broccoli crowns for around $1 per pound all the time.  The healthy foods definitely seem like a much better deal to me!
  • What if eating high fat- high calorie junk food causes you to gain weight?  How much does it cost to lose that weight?  This article says that in 2004 the weight loss industry, just in the U.S. was worth $46.3 billion!?!?  I can't imagine what it is now!  I think that the junk food industry and the weight loss industry have some sort of alliance with each other!
  • I often see posts on other blogs about how readers can't find coupons for healthy food- it is true that there are fewer healthy coupons available than there are coupons for junk food- but I still think there are plenty of healthy coupons available.  I don't know where some people are looking- but I see coupons all the time for rice, cheese, whole grain pasta, bread, healthy cereal, Oats/Oatmeal, yogurt, and even coupons for organic products!
  • Often, when you eat healthy food, you don't have to eat as much as you would if you were eating junk food for a variety of reasons:
    • There is almost always more fiber in healthy food- which fills you up and keeps you satisfied longer than junk food.
    • Junk food is often loaded with sodium and MSG to make the "junk" actually taste good- this becomes almost addictive to your taste buds- you want to keep on expeirencing that sensation that you get when your taste buds are stimulated.  This causes you to eat more than you normally would. 
Personally, I think Healthy Food is a pretty good bargain!  What do you think?

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