Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Printable Coupons: Stove Top, Huggies, and More

Go here to Delicious Living to print off a number of coupons including:

  • $1/2 Stove Top Stuffing- we should see some great deals on this in the next couple weeks.  This coupon should make it really inexpensive!
  • $1/1 coupon for Huggies wipes- I haven't printed this one out as I am using my laptop right now, but it looks like this one works on the regular tubs of Huggies wipes- let me know if you decide to print this one.
  • Lots of Ians coupons and more!
If you are looking for natural/ Organic coupons- this is a site you will want to visit occasionally because they change their offers periodically.
These coupons are printed by e-centives- if you go over your print limit, it won't let you know, it will just print out this big coupon saying:  you have exceeded your household limit- and is a big waste of ink, so watch how many you print if you don't want it printing that whole thing out.

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