Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have You Played The Kroger Instant Win Game?

I know that some people have been having a problem when playing the Kroger Instant Win game.  For some people it has poped up with a screen saying you won, then when you click to see your prize, it says you didn't win.  This just happened to me.  If this happens to you too, you can tell is you actually did win something by clicking on the link that says: Click Here to load coupons onto your card.  When it takes you to the next screen with the Kroger coupons, click on:  Click Here to view coupons already loaded to your card.  If you won something it will be located at the end of your list of coupons available.  It will also have the expiration date for your free item as well.  Mine says they expire Nov. 12, 2010.  Even if you don't go to Kroger that often, it might be worth you while to play, because it gives you more than a month to claim your prize.

Yesterday I won a free Fuze beverage, and today I won a free Skinny Cows Ice cream cup.  Have any of you won anything?

You can play the Kroger Instant win game if you go HERE.

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