Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Walmart Deals

Today when I was at Walmart I saw that the Bic Mark-It 8 pack markers were $4.24.  Use the $2/1 Printable Coupon HERE to get them for $2.24.

I saw that the new Hidden Valley Ranch Salad kits were $2.50 each at my store.  Use the $1/1 Printable Coupon HERE, to get them for $1.50 each.  (These do not contain any lettuce, still seems like too much to pay for just a little dressing and croutons.)

Driscoll's 6 oz. packages of Raspberries were on roll-back for only $1.38 per package.

All Pepperidge Farm Goldfish were on roll-back for only $1 per package, including the Goldfish Grahams.

I found lots of Great Value brand 6 packs of milk chocolate bars (like Hershey bars) on clearance for only $1 per package.  (My store had about 100 packages still.)

Lots of good roll-back prices in the produce area:  Grapes were only $1 per pound, Asian pears were .68 each, other pear varieties were .68-.78/lb.

Polaner Jam was $1.98.  Use the $1/1 Printable Coupon HERE (for the fiber variety) to get it for .98 each.

Bestlife Buttery Spread is priced at $1.50 each.  Use the $1/1 Printable Coupon HERE to get these for only .50 each.  (I don't know how this tastes, but they don't have trans fat in them!)  Right now, you can get this for free at Kroger with the coupon, or you could ad-match this price at Walmart if you have the Kroger ad.

Jamba Frozen Smoothies are only $2.28 each.  Use the $1/1 Printable Coupon to get these for only $1.28 each.

Muir Glen Organic Tomato paste is priced at .96 per can.  Use the $1/1 coupon HERE (join the connoisseur's club) to get them free or use the .75/1 Printable coupon HERE or HERE to get them for only .21 each.

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  1. Nice! I'm so glad I found your blog! (From the link on MSM). I just moved to MN and we have a brand-new Wal-Mart that opened about 3 minutes from our house just a couple weeks ago . . . thanks so much for posting these deals, I hope they've available at my Wal-Mart :)